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  1. Elias


    nvm you can delete this i figured it out sorry
  2. Elias


    i tried to hop on to play today but it keeps saying error and something about how it cant create a device for D3D9
  3. i have been trying to figure out how to convert tracks to .4 again but i cant figure it out would anybody be able to help convert a couple tracks?
  4. exactly through the years its felt like monster jam or feld havnt been keeping up with the fans and with this it really feels like they are trying really hard to give to the fans and ive been looking for the episodes forever and they finally released them without overpricing them or in a selfish way just for the money. it just feels more for the fans then the money
  5. has anyone else bought the youtube membership for monster jam? i love it so far and im happy i get to see all the old seasons again plus extra content but i was curious to see how people feel about it since i haven't seen any other thread about it.
  6. i know im looking for this also because i forgot how to convert and i cant find anything on this site
  7. can someone help me on how to use a controller with the game?, i cant use my keyboard to play and have to use a controller and i dont know how to set it up with the game
  8. Elias


    thanks apparently my computer cant run it, i thought it would run it since i can play some decent games with the graphics on high but i guess i have to update my graphics card first
  9. Elias


    i havnt done anything computer related for a long time but now that i have the time and patience i wanted to get into beamng, can someone help direct me on where to go and download tracks and trucks and what not. im very sorry if this is posted on the wrong forum for i am mentally handicapped
  10. Does anyone know why all the monster jam videos for Low budget tv are gone?
  11. Omg my track and it’s so cringe 😬😬 also nice monster mutt
  12. Elias

    sydney custom

    No I think it was in edys v4 update and I just added the props onto it from other trucks I'm not cool enough on the site to get stuff early lol and I haven't played ror for about 4-5 months
  13. I kinda hope they try more this year with different obstacles and track layouts and hopefully more vehicles
  14. it shouldnt be i was told to use this dirt because it wasnt outdated
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