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  1. Name: Jackson Brammer Truck: Over Bored Link Discord: Jackson #7500
  2. Figured with my football season over and diamond already reached for Grim Sky on R6S i'd finish a project from June.
  3. Is this just Franks Mutant with a different paint?
    Very nice trucks Rocco, very good realism as to how Dennis ran the trucks, 5 stars.
  4. Time to revisit something me and a friend did a while back in September.
  5. Well it works just fine on 0.39.3.
  6. With minor texture issues in the lexan, windshield and sponsor plates the truck is still drivable on 0.39. Good truck!
  7. Jackson Brammer Max-D Jackson #7500
  8. Driver: Jackson Brammer Truck Name: Lucas Oil Widowmaker Hometown: Melrose, Massachusetts. Link: TBA Truck Song:
  9. Figured since people found this thread again, why not update my list. Taste has changed a bit, found some new bands. In order: Melodic/Metalcore 1. Beartooth 2. Bring Me The Horizon 3. Of Mice And Men 4. Wage War 5. The Amity Affliction 6. I Am King 7. Miss May I 8. In Fear And Faith 9. Famous Last Words 10. Vesta Colide Deathcore/Death Metal: 1. Enterprise Earth 2. Slaughter To Prevail 3. Shadow Of Intent 4. Oceano 5. Widowmaker 6. Infant Annihilator 7. Thy Art Is Murder 8. A Night In tex
  10. Jackson Brammer Lucas Oil Crusader Sent On Discord Jackson #7500
  11. Jackson Brammer Mutant Jackson #7500
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