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  1. The world is a sad place and I understand it was just a joke, I just honestly don't think it's appropriate for the site. Think of it like this If you had a monster truck and you just went through Donald went through I think you would be pissed if someone made a parody of a very scary accident you were just involved in. Not to mention the amount of $$$ in damages that the truck suffered.
  2. I agree the videos are disrespectful, look at it this way Ryan and Adam are members on this site (along with other drivers I'm sure) do you think they want to see those parody videos of Dennis? No. The crash that Donald has was down right scary I see no reason at all to make fun of it. Anyway my point is if this site is trying to get more members then don't ya think we shouldn't be letting stupid videos like this being posted on a public forum? What if Donald want's to get into ROR and he see's that video on here? Don't ya think it would draw people away? Common sense pretty much says yes... I
  3. just sent request for xbox360 I'm spooky637
  4. ya but its more realistic to have a driver then none
  5. tweak740

    NASCAR Discussion

    i just honestly cant see how people think nascar is "good" racing, i respect your opinions but if i wanna watch racing ill watch some dirt oval racing, nascar just isnt what it used to be.... i pretty much gave up on nascar after the whole bristol dirt thing happened.... the sprint cars ran faster and put on a better show then any nascar race there imo... however i still watch short track races sometimes...
  6. not ur average jap bike has a single sided swingarm, v4 motor, much more comfortable to...
  7. http://www.youtube.com/embed/VVAhZUZdSzM
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