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  1. Name: Adrian Cooper Discord: MrCarnage123#0013 Truck: Overkill Evolution Truck: https://sim-monsters.com/files/file/3095-overkill-evolution-black-stallion-pack/?do=getNewComment
  2. Adrian Cooper Ares Link: https://www.mediafire.com/file/ohbbrwigfri9rtd/AresCorruptedCarnage2021.zip/file MrCarnage123#0013 Theme Song: Avenged Sevenfold - This Means War (Put Wrong Theme Song First Time, This Means War is actual theme)
  3. Name (First and last): Adrian Cooper Truck: Corrupted Carnage Discord: MrCarnage123#0013 Theme song: 10 Years - Russian Roulette Link to truck: Unfinished, will send when finished.
  4. Name: Adrian Cooper Truck: Avenger Truck Link: Discord: MrCarnage123#0013
  5. Name: Adrian Cooper Truck: Battle Beast Truck Link: Will DM Tomorrow Discord: MrCarnage123#0013
  6. Name:Adrian Cooper Truck: Rat Fink Truck Link: Discord:MrCarnage123#0013
  7. Name: Adrian Cooper Truck: Ares Truck Link: Will Send When Finished Discord: MrCarnage123#0013
  8. Adrian Cooper Lucas Oil Crusader DM MrCarnage123#0013
  9. Name: Adrian CooperQualifying Truck: New Earth AuthorityLink: DMsDiscord:MrCarnage123#0013
    very nice very good very good very good i am excited to compete on it!
  10. Name: Adrian Cooper Discord Username: MrCarnage123#5142 Hometown: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
  11. Name: Adrian Cooper Discord Username: MrCarnage123#5142 Hometown: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
  12. Driver: Adrian Cooper Series you hope to get drafted to: Monster Truck Throwdown Years in Competition: 2 Discord: MrCarnage123#5142 Biggest Accomplishment in SM events (Optional): Won RORMJL World Finals 2 Freestyle and Two Wheel Skills
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