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  1. Sean Ryan Wildside (Will DM if you dont already have it Pirates Curse Brodozer Will Dm if you dont have it Bad Habit Relapse
  2. Name Sean Ryan Truck: Maximizer Discord sean.exe#7918 Truck Link: NAMT Open Custom Truck Theme Song: Debuted : 2015 Hometown Milton Vermont Body Type Ford Trophy Truck
  3. Sean Ryan Milton Vermont You have it
  4. Name: Sean Ryan Discord: In the server Truck: Maxxis Download Link: Open Custom pack Freestyle Song (YouTube Link): Five Finger Death Punch ~ This Is War
  5. Monster Jam Youtube channel announced membership abilities yesterday It appears they are going to be posting most telivised events from 2000-2018
  6. You cannot drive someone eles's custom, It says on the page not an open custom Sean Ryan Discord :sean.exe#7918 Truck Name Avenger Link https://sim-monsters.com/files/file/3220-avenger-2019-pack/ Theme : Click Click Boom ~ Saliva
  7. Why are you answering for Blaise lmao
  8. Last week in Arlington racing was fast and tight as we saw newcomer Chris P made it to the finals taking on Seth Holloway, after a close race Seth came away with another racing win to add to the tally this season. Freestyle saw some strong competitors putting on the best runs of the season including racing runner up Chris who managed to get himself a Freestyle win giving himself a nice boost in points. This week we head to St Louis where competitors will be faced with a racing style that has not been seen this season. Many big names are looking to make a splash this week and gain some more lar
  9. Report post Name: Sean Ryan Truck: Avenger Truck Link: Discord You have it
  10. Full Name: Sean Ryan Truck : El Toro Loco PEI Hometown: Burlington VT Discord Name: You have it Years in Competition: 6 years
  11. Last week we saw Seth Holloway take another racing win beating out fastest qualifier Zach Steele in a great race. In Freestyle it was all Zach Roemig in Monster Mutt until Seth hit the track, Seth shot into the lead with the highest score of the season and held the lead all the way until Josh Gajewski layed down what would be the winning run of the night. This week we head to Arlington Texas where competitors are going to have to deal with a tight racing course that should prove to be a challenge as well as a difficult freestyle track. TOP 5 POINTS (as of 5/5/20) Zach Steele
  12. Last week in Anaheim we saw great racing action as newcomer Brett Falvey in Megalodon took the racing win against points leader Zach Steele. This week he will look to carry his racing win to another win in Los Angeles California as we head to yet another So-Cal Styled course Qualifying Opens 7pm EST - Closes 8pm EST Event will start shortly afterward REMINDER Please be sure to read the rules this week (in particular racing) so that there is no confusion on the rules TRACK LINK http://www.mediafire.com/file/dh6ne6yrk3i4584/LosAngeles2012
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