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  1. Hey guys I don't know if you can help me but I recently got a new gaming laptop and the only issue I've been having with it is rigs of rods. Most of my mods I transferred from my old laptop to this one don't even work. Even if I want to download a mod from the site. I'll try spawning a truck or track and the game crashes without an error message. I cleared my cache, put my mods in the right folder, and re-installed the game multiple times. Any suggestions?
    Very fun truck to drive. Handles really good specially for slap wheelies.
  2. That looks great so far man! Hopefully one day we can see it finished
  3. Now if someone can make the 2019 Toughest Monster Truck Tour track with this that be sick!
    Ramps need to be smoothened. Specially the tall bus stack on the 3rd track and could use a better dirt texture. The dirt on the first track looks like it has been stretched a lot.
  4. I wanna say San Antonio? Like 80% sure cuz it has the Texas flag.
  5. This truck brings back childhood memories!
  6. Pouncer is available if you download it.
  7. Is it possible you can make a monster jam style track in using the olympic stadium from Montreal with a chicago style track?
  8. Yea Montreal! Thats where I am from awesome track!
  9. That happened to me with King Krunch also. I'll wait till this is fixed. But looks awesome though!
  10. That looks real flashy man! Like it a lot!!!
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