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  1. Thank you for updating the link! I'm not sure why the original has been taken down but I do believe that the one on my original post has been updated as well. However it's in the comment section. But this is a much easier route to get to it! So thank you very much for updating it and thank you for converting all of these wonderful tracks!
  2. Name: Zach Romig (DroppedSilver0) Discord: DroppedSilver0 #7053 Trucks: Replica: Avenger (S10): Custom: Super Mario: http://www.mediafire.com/file/aoskoxoovplcki9/SuperMarioRRTWF2.zip/file
  3. Name: DroppedSilver0 Discord: DroppedSilver0#7053 80's Truck: No Problem: http://www.mediafire.com/file/s0pwr7zrmmqvxvv/V4+Leafer+Pack+%23+2.zip#_2.zip 90's/00's Truck: Bustin Loose: http://www.mediafire.com/file/gfz5q7p9lcg3xsg/Bustin+Loose.zip
  4. No bandanna. No like!! Just kidding, it looks good!
  5. I don't know if this will count as a double post but I'm just gonna say sorry if it is. Anyways, this is my Safe-Auto Minimizer repli-custom that I ran in my World Finals. I'll take credit to 99.9% of the paint, the final .1% goes to @rockgod88 for flipping the paint, thanks man. Also don't be too rough as it is my first time doing this by myself. The Avenger was helped on a bit by @rockgod88. Also he did all the Blender work. The only down draft is that you do need the military truck pack for this to work or else it'll crash you. But anyways. Hope you guys enjoy the truck!!
  6. Show your betas?? Also yes, I know that it's the old stadium model so nobody say a thing!! Haha. But really this is for my tour and a good friend of mine made this, I'd give his account credit but I can't because he is banned. So I'll be posting the updates for him!! Also if anyone could make the inflatables that they used for Anaheim we'll love you!
  7. (Quietly converting the track as we speak .)
  8. As an American and you being a Canadian and having 0 information about the presidential election. I am quiet #Triggered!! Jkjk, good job broski!!
  9. Wait, you know my email. Can you send me a link to them?? Also nice track DiggerFan!
  10. Thanks dude! Everyone, expect to see this out either later today or tomorrow!
  11. I'm trying too get approval for that so hold on... -.-
  12. Lmao, it's not that hard. But can I take this as a yes to convert the map??
  13. I suppose I'm going to have too convert this one as well XD Also nice track. You did good Maxdman
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