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  1. But it didn't, so you will not receive a version with said body because it never happened. Get a inkling of something happening in the world of monster trucks and get yourself out of 2006-2008.
  2. OHHHH can we get the one where you weren't as high as Motley Crue members in their prime?
  3. *Tommy Lee casually playing drums upside down* Several prop colors need to be revised for each variation as well as another edit or two to the textures on the new Harpers. Much thanks to Mason (ChazzyMP) for the majority of the paint work (I made logos and other small edits though) as well as Trevor M. and ZonR for several good reference shots and overall support on this build so far.
  4. ok Just gotta finish working headlights on Over Bored and then add in body supports and sponsor plates for both. I'm also going to redo the textures on the headers for Black Pearl, it was originally a test to see if I could get a gradient to work on them in the first place. Over Bored file will include: -Early Season (Bumper on) -Mid Season (Bumper off) -Jacksonville (Bumperless Silverado) -Stepp's Towing -Des Moines (Bedsides and tailgate removed for the later shows) -Gen 2 BKT variants for those whose computers cannot handle Gen 3 BKTs -Bodyless Black Pearl file will include: -Early Season (Bumper on) -Mid Season (Bumper off) -"Damaged" versions of the two listed above (Hood tilted downwards, early season damaged version shown in picture) -Gen 2 BKT variants for those whose computers cannot handle Gen 3 BKTs -Bodyless EDIT: These trucks also include several new part variants that I have spent ages trying to refine my modeling skills on: -New Overtime CNC/JG Shock Specialists Shocks. -New beadlocks, planetaries, and Rockwell planetary covers. -Both sport brand new sets of collectors. They implement the flange that connects them to the engine from Fern's Magnaflows, but everything else I modeled from scratch. -Various other parts that I cannot remember or are not as significant as those. Anyways... Enjoy the wait 🙃
  5. Sinistar update! Transferred the build into Blender 2.79 and started making materials. Also going to be working on the sway bars at some point soon!
  6. Someone was talking about Overkill Evolution in the discord server and then I was pinged. So here is current progress on it in 2.79. Should be having some work done on it very soon.
  7. I actually do not know. However, since this request was made (5 years ago almost) I've learned tons about many different trucks and graphic design for Rigs of Rods. If I still wanted this truck made I could probably attempt it myself. But what a throwback!
  8. Wow, I haven't posted anything in here in forever. That being said... While ignoring the fact that a few other versions of this truck have been made. Here is the current progress of Stinger Unleashed on the PEI XT 3 from 2019 (AKA Zane's 5th chassis I believe). If I recall correctly this chassis also went to Lindsey for Pretty Wicked/El Toro Loco after Zane got the new Cohen this year. The body is the completely wrong model, working on getting an accurate one. Shocks for the truck are being built. Front sway bars are setup incorrectly and will be fixed later along with all props lining up once I make the switch over to the newer N/B. But it's surely a start. Paint was done by me and is not completely accurate either. The rims are my own one-piece rim model as well. I also put together a quick version of the Cohen as well, but progress on that is not as decent as it is for the PEI.*
  9. Don't use ripped parts, use a stock chassis at least so the edges aren't square. It looks like a Roblox truck just from the screenshots.
  10. 255 downloads

    This upload is solely for the Sim-Monsters All Star Challenge, @Cora Solera wanted to run North Country Bandit in the ASC. Riptide is my custom based off of a 2017 (I Think) Chevrolet Silverado. I first started designing Riptide back in 2018 when I had the idea to have a pirate ship themed truck with a body that had tears taken out of it. I didn't make good content for Rigs of Rods at that time so making customs wasn't in my range then. Both trucks run on an Eddie Majka Base Chassis with a custom cradle, labeled as "ODM" for my "Motorsports Team", Oncoming Danger Motorsports. The body is kind of odd for Riptide and I really have no clue about what i was doing with North Country Bandit, was just trying to make the owner happy. I also want to note that my version of Riptide was not made to contend with MonsterTruckCanucker's Riptide. His is a much better concept anyhow. PLEASE NOTE THAT MANY PARTS ON BOTH OF THESE TRUCKS WERE HEAVILY REMODELED OR MODELED FROM SCRATCH. IF YOU USE PARTS FROM ANYTHING IN THIS PACK WHETHER CLONED OR NOT PLEASE MAKE SURE TO CREDIT WHOEVER WAS RESPONSIBLE FOR MAKING THAT/THOSE PARTS. I TEND TO SPEND A LOT OF TIME ON BUILDING PARTS WITH UNNECESSARY DETAIL AND GET TICKED OFF WHEN NOT CREDITED. (This has presented itself as a rather big issue lately and it needs to be addressed better.) Credits: Blender Work for chassis, Rim Models (Except the planetary and all rim bolts.), RII Strip models and textures, Making Firestone treads slimmer, Custom Headers models and textures (Other than the mounting plates.), LED Boxes and LED models and textures, Zip Ties, Updated Eddie Majka Chassis model (Four link bolt cutouts and all plating.), Custom Cradle Concept, Sponsor Plate models and textures, Shock Models and textures (Remodeled all parts from scratch using older, dirty models as guidelines.), Shock Shafts (Remodeled all from scratch based off of old, dirty models.), Various rod ends including the four links and tie rods, Custom/Updated Ford Engine Model (Based off of Fern's Merlin so it makes 0 sense.), Cleaned axle models, steering cylinders, FTI Carbon Fiber Transmission Textures, too much, etc.... -Me Original Merlin Engine, Fuel Cell, Radiator, Engine Fans, and Fire Extinguisher- Fern and Andrew Sheets Original Body and BKTs- Andrew Sheets Various things such as a bunch of help on shocks, reference for parts from older projects, Firestone textures, etc...- Stimson122 Planetary Models- Klayton(?) Shifter, Power & Fuel Switches- crazyman444 MSD Box, and other stuff I'm sure- rockgod88 Original Chassis Model- Kozak Original Transmission and Batteries- RockCrwlr Rear Steer Motor- dd908 RII Kill Pin, RII Box- DanDon ISP Seat- Steele NEITHER ARE OPEN CUSTOMS!!! Anyways, hope you enjoy my five hour long essay about credits and all that crap. Cya..
  11. 1,634 downloads

    Honestly, I'm tired of seeing things that I've spent hours and hours working on leaked within a month of me making it. No, it's definitely not perfect. It will never be perfect, but I gave it my best shot so figured I mine as well see what others think of it. Updates to the shocks and rims are coming at a later date. Enjoy the carbon monoxide poisoning -Nathan Hils Credits: Flags, Tailgate Edits, SUR Planetary Covers, Shock Updates, Blender Work, RII Strips, Eddie Chassis Update, Sponsor Plates, Rim Cleaning, etc... Original Shocks: Mark Colineri Original Body and Tires: Andrew Chassis Base: Kozak Fern: 540 Merlin, Original Rims, Fuel Cell If I missed you and you did help on this please feel free to DM me on Discord @Nathan H.#7328 Hope y'all enjoy!!! Like I said, updates coming at a later date.
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