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  1. Looking to start an iRacing league soon, would anyone be interested? NASCAR Cup Series cars, Saturday nights, 50% distance to real life.
  2. Announcements from Razin Kane Monster Trucks: -New 3D Xtermigator -New Ice Cream Man -New Razin Kane -Wolf's Head hinted to look different -SpinMaster will be creating 1:64 Wolf's Head and Razin Kane, and 1:64 and 1:24 Ice Cream Man -Buddy Tompkins officially returns, driving Xtermigator for a few Monster Jam stops and Razin Kane later in the year. -Jamie Sullivan has joined the team as a development driver -FTI Torque has a brand new chassis, built by RFC Fabrication
  3. I'm not gonna add anything to this but all I'll say is World Finals racing nights have always been much less sold than Freestyle night - I don't think an almost pure racing league would work.
  4. Miami 2008-2010, 2012-2015, 2018-2019 Sunrise 2009-2012, 2014-2019 Orlando 2016, 2019 World Finals XVIII Atlanta 2018 (both shows) Tampa 2019 (Show 2) World Finals XX Tampa 2019 (Amalie Arena, both shows) All-Star Challenge 33 Monster Jam shows in total
  5. That is definitely not the theme song for Soldier Fortune. It's Pentagon by Sean Murray.
  6. Imagine telling an athlete that drove all year for Team Grave Digger, earned a points championship, and represented Grave Digger for the entire season that they need to drive a different truck. They earned their spot in their truck, not in a different one.
  7. Welcome to the internet, this is normal. Also "pleb" is one of the lightest words you can be called. You're lucky they didn't bust out the racial and homophobic slurs on you.
  8. Quick note on the "Drivers on the stadium tours will be allowed to include donuts in their Two Wheel Skill performances.": Athletes will be able to choose whether they want to do a full 2-Wheel Skills run (two hits) OR a donut. We don't know if the competition will be renamed "Best Trick" or not just yet. I also want to know all of your thoughts on the power rankings that are coming back to MonsterJam.com. Scott Douglass used to do this a few years ago (I think the last year was 2012?) and now they're coming back weekly. Want to know what all of you think!
  9. Matt Cody took home the Overall Event Championship at the Saturday Evening show at Amalie Arena, his first since 2017. He said in his post show interview "Mike was riding with me all night, he was driving that truck as much as I was." Matt took home both Timed Racing and Speedster Obstacle Course wins, with a Donut win as well at the Saturday Afternoon event. He completed his first ever backflip in the Saturday Evening show as well, joining the elite group of driver athletes to have completed a backflip in an arena.
  10. I've heard from somebody at Monster Jam that the band that made the original theme didn't like them using it, so they made their own in-house. The theme is nowhere and probably never will be, sadly.
  11. Honestly the track looked like a stupid idea (IRL not yours) but in use it was pretty great. Could do moonwalks and stoppies like you couldn't with crush cars. Nice work, it's really fun!
  12. Make sure you get the accurate details on the rust that's formed on the cheap metal
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