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    this track is fun, good stuff
  2. 5,641 downloads

    Most of these projects were started between 2017-2018 but were scrapped because i didn't like them (or because my old laptop decided to die), however because of quarantine i decided to give them a second chance and bring them back, they turned out way better this time... This was originally supposed to be uploaded as one single zip, but based on what most people said, i decided to separate it into multiple zips so people can download what they want. Big shoutout to Bryant, Garrett, Mason, Terron, Jack Meredith, Marty, Danny, Chris B, P3ForLife and to those who i forgot for helping!. If theres any major issue, make sure to let me know! The packs included are: 2xtreme Racing Pack 1999-2021 (PEI) <2xtremeRacing trucks that ran on a PEI chassis from 1999 to 2021 (including season trucks to one-time schemes for special events like WF) Future update coming to this one including Jim's current PEI/Hybrid Bounty Hunter. 2xtreme Racing Pack 2011-2021 (CRD) <2xtremeRacing trucks that ran on a CRD chassis from 2011 to 2021. Avenger II Chassis Pack 2008-2021 < Jim Koehler's truck from 2008 to 2017, including Season and WF schemes, also includes the different identities this chassis ran until 2021 (such as Axe, Rage, Monster Mutt, etc). Bad Habit 2006-2009 Pack <Joe Sylvester's original Bad Habit from 2006 to 2009. El Toro Loco 2006-2009 Pack (Soza) <Lupe Soza's ETL from 2006 to 2009, includes the PEI bulldozer from 2007-8 and also the debut Grinder from late 2009. Just Get-Er-Done 2008-2011 Pack <Mitch tulachka's truck from 2008 to 2011, includes the Chile 2008 truck. Might be updated in the future adding more schemes. HotWheels 2002-2006 Pack (PEI) <The hotwheels trucks that ran mostly on europe. Monster Energy & Mutant 2012-2021 Pack <Pretty much every Monster Energy/Mutant truck that existed except the original 2012 PEI version. Sobe & Firemouth 2002-2003 Pack <Sobe & Firemouth, yes Sting & Vette King 2000-2006 <The Vette trucks, mhm Straight Up Racing Pack <Most of the trucks from the SUR team up to this point, includes Identity Theft, Jailbreak, Honda Generators High Voltage, Skeletor, Reverse Racer, Tough Guy, Canadian Tough Guy, American Bada$$, American Muscle, Beast Mode & El Bandito. Might have an update in the future adding more trucks from the team. Taurus 4 Chassis 1993-2007 Pack <Tom Meents's original truck, this includes Taurus 1993, Monster Patrol 1993-1998, Bulldozer 1999-2006, nWo 2000, El Toro Loco 2001-2004, HotWheels 2004-2006, Bob & Tom 2006.
  3. Marcelo Mendoza Cooldown #7 Marcelo M.#0029
  4. Long post alert!. Well i think i finally got these done, (i think). Just a couple of trucks, you know, just the usual. I should note that not all of the trucks from each pack are in each pic (Mainly showing the main stuff). The total amount of trucks is around 360-370, yes i'm using sections. Release date should be within the next few days, not sure yet but early-mid july is the goal. Also some W.I.P stuff, none of this is guaranteed to be finished though. Also a little video i did for fun, showcasing most of the trucks (was impossible to fit all in)
  5. Marcelo Mendoza Cooldown V USA Marcelo M.#0029 Truck is pending approval
  6. shotout to mason for the police lights
  7. Marcelo Mendoza Cooldown 7 https://www.mediafire.com/file/zryixpbjbjwyioy/CooldownVII2020SWG.zip/file Marcelo M.#0029
  8. 178 downloads

    Ran this for HSL WF2 and not fall madness, gonna run this for FBS. This truck is basically a redone Sacrifice with a new name. Not an open custom
  9. Marcelo Mendoza Cooldown VII gonna upload soon Marcelo M.#0029
  10. Name: Marcelo M. Discord: Marcelo M.#0029
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