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  1. Speaking as one of the guys who supposedly "ruined" World Finals 16 and 17, let me provide my input: The fan scoring now, I think, prevents that whole shabang of "So-and-So should have won and the fan judges blew it!". MJ has always kinda promoted the idea of keeping the fan interaction involved with the "judging" of the Freestyle competition, so that's why fans will continue to be factored-into the decision of who wins each competition. It's part of their shtick, so they're going to continue to roll with it. In the end, doing this is far less controversial and it's more "fair", in a way I guess, in that it supposedly gauges the entire audience there and what they think was the most exciting run. If it works, it works. If not...it's still experimental, and there's really no one to blame but themselves. Works better than me being harassed for an entire year, I'd say~
  2. Like your other breakable trucks that I've downloaded, these don't work. If I select them in-game, it immediately closes the game.
  3. BSciro


    Mine's missing the shocks, swaybars and planetarys in-game
  4. Not that I'm complaining...but... Why does it flash virus messages at me when I try to download this thing? Again, NOT COMPLAINING, but I'm somewhat confused...
  5. Pedals and shocks are missing on mine
  6. I received the same error. Wondering the same thing.
  7. Where can I get the file "ShockShaftMAC"?
  8. BSciro

    Crusader 2016

    The truck is also missing drive shafts and four-links as well.
  9. BSciro

    Crusader 2016

    The truck isn't attached to the tires at all on mine. Just the truck with floating tires beside it.
  10. BSciro

    Howdy howdy

    Well heyo Some of you might know me. Some of you might not. I took a bit of a break from ROR a couple years back (That was in the RORMJ-era of things, to boot), but now I'm back after I've seen some of the online leagues, fun-runs, etc and I figure I want to have a taste of all that. Bottom line: I've been around ROR for a while, and I'm ready to try taking it up competitively. Because I want to have fun. So...hey.
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