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  1. tyrannos

    Hagerstown 2007

    hagerstown 2007 was my second monster truck event. i very much enjoy the existence of this replica
  2. looks like hagerstown to me. don't know the year.
  3. the hot wheels logo on the body needs to be replaced by spinmaster and headers need to be same color as the cage
  4. very sorry. i was wrongly informed that private servers don't work.
  5. with the recent release of the dev build multiplayer for .4.6 has been disabled. 4.8 doesn't play nice with tracks so 4.7 is all we have even with the odd handling.
  6. zombie is..... decent..... the track is actually a huge improvement over houston and the 2019 track
  7. i was just saying i wanted overkill in ror a few days ago and here it is on syp! great trucks man.
  8. probably one of the worst crashes i've seen in a while.
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