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  1. First post on the sim site about this, but here is my latest main project, what I'm calling right now, the WerewolfNB (WNB for short), a V4-based breakable made with many set_beam_defaults and detacher_group edits. As a fun fact, I have not had to move a single node this whole project, it's all been work in the .truck file...painful. There is also no visible deformation, as this is all being done with the nodebeam only currently. Way too much work to make more stuff deform visibly. It also handles very well currently, landing nicely. Flag will still break off and make the rear end stiff, but it shouldn't be so easy. Just make sure you don't land on the throttle like Jimmy Creten! Here is my most recent test video below showing off some of the breakages. Yes, this works online. Off the top of my head, compared to the original breakables having breaking 4links, bodies, tires and swaybars, this adds in: Tweaking Swaybars (Front And Rear) Deformable 4links (Front And Rear) Deflatable Tires (Front And Rear) Stronger Flag (Falls Off On Forceful Contact) Steering Ram/Tierod Breakability (Front And Rear) Axle Coming Off Entirely (Front And Rear) Shocks Overcompressing To Break (Front And Rear) Just wanna thank Marcelo, Terron, Hydro, Danny Mackey, The Gov, and general feedback from friends on getting this idea to where it is now, as I'm figuring most of this stuff out on the spot. Just really happy with how this is turning out. Now, just to figure out how to make this easy to replicate... (And before you ask "Why Yellow ETL?". It's a truck I wouldn't accidentally run in a tour if the original idea (Deflating tires) didn't work)
  2. Name (First and last): Daniel Walker Truck: Saigon Shaker Discord: Danny Werewolf#9179 Theme song: Truck link: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1FmU3EJlLUDUC7SjjYUX_Ms2pWqfozu3w/view?usp=sharing
  3. Version 1.0.0


    New Superman New, with a new setup, new paint, and new existence. I don't know what to say, but Superman is a very cool truck. Thanks to Gov and Bryant helping with the truck. Point is, Chad Fortune cool. (If credits are wrong, dm me here or on Discord to tell me who made what: Danny Werewolf#9179
  4. Version 1.0.0


    Want a quick fix to spending 20 minutes painstakingly cutting out a truck? If you're actually good at keying, you'll love this mod. (This isn't supposed to look good, just possibly useful) Green/Blue/Redscreen meshes - me. Litterally everything else - More or less the V4 Pack creators.
  5. Version 1.0.0


    Here. Some trucks created for TLG a while ago, Prowler and Pouncer. The face paints were done by me and Gov ( @DiggerFan13) while the rest of the truck and body was done by @LordFrostingand/or @xyrose. Obviously, massive credit to LordFrosting for making the original truck, the Predator Pack, what these trucks are based on. Sim-Monsters ...There really isn't much to this, aside from some awesome sounds by @JackMProductions called "ZoomCat" because yes. Ireallyhavenothingtosay.
  6. Version 1.0.0


    A V1 Pack truck has come back from the grave, as Bob & Tom...of all trucks. Unironically, this is one of my favorite trucks that was in the V1 pack for some reason, and due to @DiggerFan13 (The Gov) realizing that Toxic's body was close, he painted the truck for me. Honestly, this truck was made it maybe 8 hours tops and I just love how it looks, aswell as handling great. The truck's based on my Team Suzuki 2008 (Probably will release soon aswell) and it's overall not too different. The setup is more or less based on when Paul Cohen drove it. This time, I'm pretty sure on the credits, but as usual, if you know anyone else that needs to be credited, DM me here or on Discord; Danny Werewolf#9179
  7. Version 1.0.0


    First Wild Hair, now two trucks that I bet only a two dozen people care about. Jokes aside, I love this truck. It was originally started on for TLG Season 3 (Like alot of my trucks now that I realize), but got dropped because of issues with body mods. Thankfully, @DiggerFan13(The Gov) came along and helped with that, removing the racerback, sunvisor and the making the paint. Wave also made the Screamin' Demon logo. My part in all this is basically the setup n/b work and some other stuff. This truck is not easy to drive, because it's fun to drive. Gov also made a breakable version because why not.....And yes, it's 3 gears on purpose. The truck's more of a general representation of the truck, so that's why there's no racerback. Leaning more towards the one that ran late 00's, early 2010's anyway. I know the body was an edit of the 2008 Blue Thunder body used in RockGod's PEI Pack, Racerback and Visor removed by Gov, but I'm not sure who modelled it, someone said it was Andrew though. If you know anymore credits, or I made any mistakes in the main 3 credits, just dm me here or on Discord at Danny Werewolf#9179.
  8. Version 1.0.1


    Hello again. Here's three trucks I made some months ago, Madusa more recent. I did the setups on all them, so blame me if you find them not CRD enough. And another thanks for Chris Hamilton and Bryant Steggall for doing 106.7 The Fox and Madusa 2009 respectively. Very happy with how this came out. I'm not sure who made what besides the biggest parts thanks to Marcelo's help with credits, but I know that all the props are found in Rockgod's PEI Pack. And I believe the shocks were in Rockgod's GD14 aswell. Please dm me here or on Discord at Danny Werewolf#9179 if you know who made what. Thank you! Link 1 - Madusa 2009 Link 2 - 106.7 The Fox (2007 Pastrana) Link 3 - Jetix 2007
  9. I really liked Travis's idea of retired trucks aswell, so here are most of my retired trucks....I was trying to do freecam with 7FPS. Technically, this isn't even all the trucks I've ever driven, but I forget what they were anyway. (Left To Right) MTRA S1/Shane's Fun Tour S2 - War Wizard MTRA S2 - Chillin' Villain MTRA S3 (1st half) - Son Uva Digger MTRA S3 (2nd half) - Heavy Hitter Shane's Fun Tour S3 - Hooligan The Long Game S1 - The Executioner The Long Game S2 - Grave Digger 14 FRA S1 - Samson
  10. Version 1.0.0


    Hello, another mod from your least favorite fur on the site. This time, I swapped the NAMT Jurassic Attack and Maniac that Edy released almost a month ago, and put them onto the V4 node cause I generally like the V4 n/b better aswell as because I'm planning on using both of these in a tour I'm in. I hope this is fine because I did put a good amount of effort into it...mostly because the only meshes and textures used on both trucks were originally in the NAMT version. Here's everything I did that I can list off the top of my head, incase you're doubtful/curious. - Body versions - Made new setups for both (Jurassic Attack can power-wheelie just as easily) - Both trucks are pretty good at racing - Extended/shortened 4-link and sway bar lengths for new node - Kept RII Lights Working (Says in vehicle description) - Made Tires Collidible (See epic night screenshot above) - Moved shock shaft holder to be closer to placement on Maniac - Heavily edited/tweaked PEi Pack n/b to be closer to each chassis - Repainted tie-rods to be closer to pictures I found - Collidible wheelie bar! (Because why wouldn't you have one) -A ton of moving the parts inside the .truck because I like doing that. All the credits in the sidebar are the same as Edy's upload because basically nothing has changed with the truck aside from the nodebeam and the setup. Just wanna say, thank you a ton Edy for making the truck in the first place. An accurate Jurassic Attack and Maniac is something people have wanted for so long, and it's wonderful to finally have them. This was a pretty fun litterally 4-day project to work on. And yes, I got Edy's permission. -Danny Werewolf,
  11. Don Frankish Going Brr in V4. Fun fact, all I did for both of these trucks is extend, shorten or edit some models like the 4links, axles or swaybar-links. Makes me extra happy cause I won't have to ask every ror vet who made this 7 year old rod. Every single mesh is originally in Edy's NAMT version.
  12. Ehh, I guess I'll post here now...Here's my nearly finished NAMT swap for Jurassic Attack. Onto Maniac soon... Guess which one mine is
  13. An Idea I just came up with. Post a screenshot of all the trucks you're currently running or signed-up in (If they're not started yet) for any tour (Sim or off-site). You can add a number to a truck if you're running one in multiple tours. And put the current date below the screenshots too! 2/14/2021 Mohawk Warrior = AEMT War Wizard 2015= HSL Grave Digger = EMTC Trail Of The Long Knives = PlayerFour's Tour/FBS War Wizard 2005 = FRA El Toro Loco Werner = MTRA
  14. Name: Daniel WalkerNumber 1 Pick/Link(DM if private): https://drive.google.com/file/d/1_2wExFGabsDOql4CY-hR3rqpwmwFMdnj/view?usp=sharingNumber 2 Pick/Link(DM if private): Number 1 PickNumber 3 Pick/Link(DM if private): Number 1 PickNumber 4 Pick/Link(DM if private): Number 1 Pick
  15. Name: Daniel Walker Hometown: Accokeek, MD Discord: Danny Werewolf#9179
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