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  1. Name: Corey New Discord: coreynew23#9108 Truck Name: Monster Energy Truck Link: https://www.mediafire.com/file/40igopynwnzigj0/ChaoticTrucks_(1).zip/file Truck Theme: https://youtu.be/9itwt_opsvQ
  2. I think they look awesome as they are, it makes me think, what if Jim decided to bring these designs back and put them on his new chassis. I say do whatever touch ups you need to do to the paint and leave them on those chassis. It would also be awesome if you kept them on these chassis to add a Dale Earnhardt flag on the back of the S10 to replicate Avenger’s look from WF 2.
  3. Awesome trucks as always, the only complaint I have is just a minor complaint, on the Indianapolis 2019 version of Avenger, the headers overheated and burned the body on both sides
  4. Corey New I’ll be running the custom series Mutant (Coty) http://www.mediafire.com/file/lio8g895hglbir2/SyracuseTruckPack.zip/file coreynew23#9108
  5. warmachine

    Venom F-150

    No I didn't, I actually had an idea to make a Carnage truck today but I was like, "no if you make it, you're going to want to change your NAMT truck to it" lol but I'm going to make one at some point
  6. warmachine

    Venom F-150

    I understand, just everyone has their own designs of trucks that they want to do and this one was a design of mine, I'll be honest, haven't even seen your Venom truck, but i designed my for the movie coming out in October as well, but think of Venom almost like the Grave Diggers, there is ton of Diggers but we just keep getting more and more with more variations, that's what our Venom trucks are, just variations in bodies and designs. Everybody has their own take on what trucks should look like, but don't get upset because people make the same truck as you, just with a different body and design.
  7. warmachine

    Venom F-150

    Version 1.0.0


    This is my custom truck I will be running for NAMT. THIS IS NOT AN OPEN CUSTOM. If you wish to use this truck for any leagues, please ask permission first. I hope you all enjoy Venom. Credits Paint: @TheBostonRag Everything else on the truck: Everyone that built Blue Thunder 2016
  8. Does this event count for points? I'm going to guess no since its like a test event to see how things will go, I'm just curious.
  9. When the league starts, will the tracks we use be tracks that are already made for ror or will NAMT have its own custom tracks for each event?
  10. Driver: Corey New Truck: Venom Discord: coreynew23#9108 Hometown: Louisville, Ky Download: http://www.mediafire.com/file/0yhy6fnwqok62pv/VenomPickup.zip Truck Song:
  11. Ok sounds good, I think my truck is ready for the league then. Would you like for me to send you the truck file laterso you can check it and make it all looks right? @DannyMackey
  12. Is the NAMT settings similar to the SMRA settings, just with a few differences here and there?
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