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  1. Then dont. It's not your pack. If you're not making it you dont really get a say in what does/doesnt get made. Just wait for the next update like everyone else.
  2. If it comes itll come. Be patient. People constantly asking about the next pack or when something will get released annoys creators and honestly burns them out. Just wait. This is a huge pack. Enjoy it until he feels more is ready to release.
  3. THE TIME TRIAL FORMAT IS AMAZING AND I LOVE THE LAP LAYOUT!! looks like a lot of fun!! Will be downloading in a couple hours!!!!
    I like these trucks. However, the problem for me lies less with the paint and more with the brake set up you have on them. I get what you were going for and understand you might have wanted a more "realistic" anti-lock feel but when switching between other trucks and yours its a pretty jarring and unexpected adjustment. Luckily a lot of us know how to change the brake settings, but there are a lot of people, especially most new comers, that dont know how to fix it for themselves. Id say fix it for the download link and keep it anti-lock for yourself. or maybe 2 versions of each truck with one being anti-lock and one normal. Anyways, thats my only complaint. Nice job
  4. Version 1.0.0


    Now THIS ONE...still isnt perfect lol. i wish i wouldve made the landing/recovery area after the finish jump longer but it is what it is at this point lol i still am really proud of this track. 2nd attempt at the double decker "Spinmaster Showdown" Track! This is only a race track cuz i made it to run time trials. Use this track to perfect your skills in all types of turns, obstacles and even a tunnel. This track also ended up being tighter than i thought it would be but its still a lot of fun. heres a track X I hope you guys like this one cuz i really do! Have fun. THERE IS NO TIMER UNFORTUNATELY. However, if you time yourself and feel confident, comment your best lap! I wanna see what times yall are getting!! HUGE SHOUTOUT TO @ABgamerX FOR EXPORTING AND GETTING THIS IN GAME FOR ME!!! also for fixing the collision issues i left on the track
  5. Version 1.0.0


    I got bored and made this thing to see if my imagination still worked at all. Sort of loosely inspired by RockCrwlr's old Tampa custom. Racing ended up being a pretty tight track so watch out for the walls lol..my fault You start this race on the massive pad. Coming down the ramp towards the backflip ramp, watch out for the corners of the freestyle ramps, they stick out onto the center pad a bit for a little challenge. Next each lane goes over the small jammer bumps and into turn one. Over the small gap jumps and into turn 2 then right back over the center pad for the finish! heres a track X hope you guys have fun with it. HUGE THANK YOU to @ABgamerX For exporting and getting this in game for me! also for fixing/making the collision issues i left on the track.
  6. Version 1.0.0


    Heres my first attempt at a Double Decker "Spinmaster Showdown" track. another .38 conversion cuz i wasnt on .4 yet. Pretty shtty tbh but i like the concept and its finished so why not. Starting up on a raised platform you race down the ramp onto the track! Once you reach the end of the J-hook on the top floor the race continues down below on the bottom floor! Down another huge ski jump-like hill to get huge air across the stadium landing on a bus landing ramp. One more J-hook turn, back over the double and you're finished! Hope you guys have fun with it. heres my attempt at a Track X: HUGE THANK YOU to @ABgamerX For converting this for me!
  7. Version 1.0.0


    !!THIS TRACK IS NOT ONLY FOR LEAFERS!! it was just made with leafers in mind and isnt as Intense with nowadays trucks. I made this track last year and decided I really did want to release it. Problem is everyone uses .4 and it only worked on .38. So HERE is the .4 version! I hope you Leafer Lovers enjoy! We got sraight line racing, hill climbing, mud bogging, car crushing, height falling action! Hold yourself together through the bouncy opening hits and youll find yourself faced with a thin mountain climb with rocky terrain. One mistake and youre out of the race. Carefull for the mud on top, too much slide and youre driving off the side of the mountain on the way down! Around the final corner you got 3 rollers and a small car set just before the finish line. Keep your bounces in check and you could have a win on your hands...COULD. Have fun with it guys! Huge thank you to @ABgamerX for converting this for me!!
  8. Love the imagination with the first track in the pics. Havent downloaded yet but definitely will be
  9. the answer is double check for typos on "tracks/trans" i had "track" rather than "tracks".
  10. Gotta say I'm loving the dirty tire movement we got going on now. Great trucks!
  11. How do i fix the white bubble around the tires again? i added tracks/trans, double checked mesh/materials/png's, and added png's to managed materials but i still have the white bubbles
  12. Cheese n rice man!...and to think I was just about to ask if you were still planning on releasing those avenger paints I did! 😂😂😂 WOW. Everything looks amazing. Congrats on wrapping all that up! You're a great content creator and im happy to have worked with you for a couple paints! I might have a couple more Custom avenger paints if you ever make another custom pack! Let me know if you want em
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