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  1. Version 1.0.0


    This is a custom Avenger I painted to go with a custom track I'm working on. It's most likely gunna be a long time before that track gets released or even finished but that doesnt mean you guys cant have a custom avenger ahead of time! Enjoy Mr. Excitement's ride for the 2021(?) Lost Wages Qualifier custom event! OPEN CUSTOM! FEEL FREE TO USE/MODIFY FOR ANY EVENT OR LEAGUE, JUST PLEASE BE SURE TO CREDIT ME FOR ORIGINAL IF YOU DECIDE TO RELEASE IT!
  2. Version 1.0.0


    Coming right after i said i wasn't going to be making content anymore, heres MALIBU MONSTER!! I guess that just goes to show: You never know when inspiration is gunna strike. I Hope yall like it. THIS IS AN OPEN CUSTOM. Feel free to use it and modify it to fit any leagues you want to run it in Just make sure you give me credit for the original if you release it. Theres 2 Files: The first is the .4 version which has 3rd gen BKTs and the second is literally the same exact truck but with my AVWFXX BKTs. The second version's tires wont work right in .4 but if you want to mak
  3. These are my 2 favorites for time trials and speed practice. I've spent literally weeks at a time going through them with every truck just trying to beat my own times. The bottom one may not be the most realistic but it has a little bit of everything and can really help you get the hang of driving in the game. ALSO HUGE SIDE NOTE: I have no idea if these work for the .4 version. I ran the .38 version of the game up until this month so...give em a shot. If they dont work, any track is good practice if you just try to beat your own time over and over. Have events with yourself. Take
  4. Once you have the controls it's kinda on you. You cant really teach someone how to virtually race well. It's all just practice and and trial and error. Plus most trucks handle different from eachother so what you learn in one truck might not apply to the next just due to the way it handles. Just pick a track (I'll link my favorite), get your phones stopwatch and practice running laps over and over until you get the hang of it and get decent times.
  5. Oh and yes you can post it as long as you give me credit for my models/paints
  6. Hey guys! I have this really cool track idea/model that im happy to pass off to anyone willing to take it but keep some key elements! Some of you may remember this: Well if you're considering it, heres some stuff to know before PM-ing about it: ITS MODELED ON 2.49b. I hadnt upgraded yet. THIS IS A DIGGER THEMED TRACK! EVERYTHING NEEDS....DIGGER ESSENCE APPLIED. Cars are white because its just the boxes not the actual cars. They all have a transparent image applied. Racing would start in the graves and the trucks w
  7. Does this look fun? P3ForLife's Leafer Madness!! In a zig zag race course with everything from straight line racing to rock bouncing to "mud" bogging! A custom track designed with the unpredictability of a leaf spring truck in mind in order to give drivers close calls, close finishes, and intense rounds! In this event, one bad bounce and you can go from hole shot leader to praying to be the fastest loser, to the win, all in just about a minute! No but seriously this is the first track I've ever been able to get in game with nothing going wrong. I made
  8. Another small update! I just need a few things now, I have to find a good texture for the rocks on the fountain, I need to remap the testmobile cars so I can paint them accurately for the race lanes, and I need to repaint the jump closest to the stage. But in order to do that I need a really good pic of the ramp face. Oh I also need a boat lol
  9. So just a lil update one wf8. Progress is slow but it's coming along. The double, fountain, tanker/tires and most of the center jump are finished in the paint booth. I dont really like how the face looks but I have nothing but time. The racing lanes are probably my next venture.
  10. Also started a Grave digger themed track...I want to do a series of tracks themed around certain trucks but we'll see how time treats the idea. No floor yet cuz I'm building a stadium around the track. Yes I painted early..i get really excited when starting new things lol and yes that center jump is going to stay massive, it's supposed to represent the ghost/hill on the side of the truck
  11. Thanks a lot man! That's dope! What trucks did you use? I see bootlegger and either problematic or liquidator right? What are the other 2? (Sorry for double post)
  12. So I made a few...not sure if that's allowed but I had time on my hands and a couple ideas font wise so: Night mode: Light mode: And lastly, this one is probably gunna get disqualified butttt
  13. It's kinda hard to tell in these pics but I did crush them some but I'll bring them down some more and that's was the goal with variety but for now I mainly used the one. Again it's hard to tell from my angles but I used a different car in the racing lanes. But to get jump scale and general positioning and size I just copied one car over the whole track. Thanks for the tips tho wont go to waste!
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