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  1. it's time for me to farm upvotes again grave digger 3 circa 1990
  2. Truck: Grave Digger The Legend Prize Eligible: Yes
    Potentially the worst truck on the site
  3. Housequake Concord, NC Driver 1 (Captain): Rocco Driver 2: Chadwick Deerfoot Driver 3: Jack Merkle Driver 4: TBA
  4. Fare Play The Offspring: All I Want 2016 2014 Chevrolet Silverado
    By far the most fun trucks to drive on the site, kudos to everyone that was involved in the development of these settings
  5. you could've just looked at the join date of the owner and half the staff team
    I will in fact not qualify but the track is great
  6. 😏 I've been sitting on this wip for a while because there hasn't been an updated body, started working on one myself but yours looks pretty sweet EDIT: done
  7. I suggest beveling out your ramps, they're super squared off. Also try and use some curves in the lines on the track texture. Lotta hard edges in there but it's coming along.
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