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  1. XMT begins in the state of New York at the legendary Lebanon Valley Speedway featuring a straight rhythm racing course and a wild freestyle track. Unfortunately, weather was not in our favor in our beginning week so we have a bit of a slip n slide show here. Lets see what our drivers got! Date: September 23rd 2021 Qualifying will run from 4:00EST-7:00EST Event begins at 7:30EST Track link:
  2. Austin Dahlgren Max-D Bad Company Austin Dahlgren #some numbers
    outstanding truck, keep up the great work nick
    decent truck, though the rear body mounts are attached to nothing and various props going through each other and not mounted. just some things that could be improved.
  3. What an incredible two nights of action as we crowned 3 new champions in 4 competitions!! One of my favorite events ever and I hope we can keep things rolling for XMT and Quarter 2! Results: Rising Star Showcase - Colt Durham Wild Side Two Wheel Skills - Izzy Martinez Bakugan Dragonoid Racing - Izzy Martinez Bakugan Dragonoid High Jump - Nick Worthmen BroDozer Freestyle - Devin Doss Dragon Racing Brackets: https://challonge.com/RORMJLWorldFinals5 https://challonge.com/RORMJLRSS Freestyle Results Devin Doss 9.472 Chadwick Deerfoot 9.259 Blake Thompson 9.178 Josh Gajewski 9.157 Alex Ferullo 9.069 Max Halpert 8.979 Jeremy Castillo 8.940 Vincent Akard 8.774 Brandon adam 8.743 Chris Pervolarakis 8.665 Jack Merkle 8.613 Rogelio Hernandez 8.476 Adrian Cooper 8.468 Brad Kerlin 8.397 Danny Mackey 8.229 Jayden McClam 7.370 Jax Cohen 7.282 Nick Worthmen 6.825 Colt Durham 6.802 Izzy Martinez 5.677 Jackson Meszaros 3.524 jaden greene 0.000 Aaron Lurie 0.000 Tyler May DNC Thank you to everyone who competed and made this season successful, we'll see you again soon 😉
    One of my favorite tracks to drive on, you rock!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    BEST IN THE WORLD I'M BACK. -cm punk
  4. Austin Titan Austin Dahlgren 0025
  5. Austin Dahlgren AustinDahlgren#0025 Axe
  6. Season 5 comes to a close as we have done 28 events, crowned 4 Series Champions and now the best 23 drivers have qualified for World Finals 5. 8 of the best Rising Stars will compete for the 24th spot in World Finals. The show is going to be action-packed and you won't want to miss it! Here are the event times and lineups for each competition. August 28th - Qualifying - 7:00EST August 29th - Rising Star Showcase, Two Wheel Skills, Racing - 7:00EST August 30th - High Jump, Freestyle - 7:00EST Lineups- Main Field Over Bored @Blake Thompson Black Pearl @Adrian Cooper Bakugan Dragonoid @NoThanksIz BroDozer @Nick Worthmen Grave Digger @Bonky Bob Scooby-Doo! @Papa Spoingus Bad Company @CMDeerfoot Slinger @ZonR Grave Digger @Jack Merkle Dragon @Double.D ッ Monster Energy @DannyMackey Mohawk Warrior @El Hulkster Megalodon @Rogelio Hernandez Monster Energy @AaronLurie Stone Crusher @Josh Gajewski Soldier Fortune Black Ops @FridgeDealer Zombie @Jaden G Grave Digger @Brandon Adam Megalodon @overloardazAZ Max-D @Vincent Akard Scooby-Doo! @Tylinater El Toro Loco @Jeremy C. Soldier Fortune @Brad Kerlin Rising Star Showcase Avenger @Konner Bauer Vendetta @soggyenchiladas Jurassic Attack @zero_mass Blue Thunder @RORmadness Alien Invasion @Chazzymp Dragon @GlitchyGav Wild Side @Colt Durham Terminal Velocity @Night[M]are Two Wheel Skills Grave Digger Brandon Adam Grave Digger Alex Ferullo Bakugan Dragonoid Izzy Martinez Scooby-Doo! Max Halpert Jurassic Attack Jackson Meszaros BroDozer Nick Worthmen El Toro Loco Jeremy Castillo Monster Energy Danny Mackey High Jump BroDozer Nick Worthmen Megalodon Rogelio Hernandez Bakugan Dragonoid Izzy Martinez Dragon Devin Doss Max-D Fire @AwesomeBear48 Bad Company Chadwick Deerfoot Over Bored Blake Thompson Monster Mutt @Chris B Good Luck to everybody this weekend! I hope you are as excited as we are!
  7. Arena Championship Series Finale Results Cincinnati, OH Timed Racing- Brandon Adam Grave Digger Two Wheel Skills- Brandon Adam Grave Digger Donuts- Brandon Adam Grave Digger Freestyle- Brandon Adam Grave Digger Overall- Brandon Adam Grave Digger Series Champion- Brandon Adam Grave Digger Timed Racing Results- FINAL POINT STANDINGS Brandon Adam 180 Tyler May 139 Gavin Dirschell 115 Colt Durham 115 Eduardo Damian 72 Adam Boyne 56 Martin Hussey 39 Nick Rilander 33
  8. #MoreRORMJL Finale Results Chester, PA Racing- Alex Ferullo Grave Digger Skills- Austin Dahlgren Monster Mutt Donuts- Brad Kerlin Soldier Fortune Speedsters- Vincent Akard Max-D Freestyle- Jeremy Castillo El Toro Loco Overall- Vincent Akard Max-D Series Champion- Alex Ferullo Grave Digger Racing bracket- Final Point Standings Alex Ferullo 199 Vincent Akard 184 Austin Dahlgren 165 Jeremy Castillo 156 Brad Kerlin 149 Mason Paul 132 Cameron Perkins 57 Mark Colineri 42
  9. New Format: Name-Truck-Truck Link- Backup Truck-Discord-
  10. Stadium Championship Series 1 Results Salt Lake City, UT Racing- Blake Thompson Over Bored Skills- Izzy Martinez Bakugan Dragonoid Freestyle- Rogelio Hernandez Megalodon Overall- Izzy Martinez Bakugan Dragonoid Series Champion- Izzy Martinez Bakugan Dragonoid Racing Bracket- Final Point Standings Izzy Martinez 259 Max Halpert 249 Blake Thompson 233 Danny Mackey 221 Chris Pervolarakis 217 Rogelio Hernandez 209 Josh Gajewski 197 Adrian Cooper 194 Jaden Greene 193 Tristan Livdahl 167 Konner Bauer 157 Travis Palm 128 Mario Ortega 112 Irving Marin 95 Josh Kingma 87 Ike Toussaint 45 Stadium Championship Series 2 Results Daytona Beach, FL Racing- Nick Worthmen BroDozer Skills- Nick Worthmen BroDozer Freestyle- Aaron Lurie Monster Energy Overall- Nick Worthmen BroDozer Series Champion- Nick Worthmen BroDozer Racing Bracket- Final Point Standings Nick Worthmen 256 Chadwick Deerfoot 245 Will Meyer 245 Jack Merkle 235 Devin Doss 233 Aaron Lurie 202 Jax Cohen 196 Jayden McClam 189 Chris Bialek 152 Max Silver 139 Jackson Meszaros 130 Michael Alonzo 107 Nick Tedrick 102 Blaine Davis 59 Trent Phung 59 Christian Lenued 53
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