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  1. Name: Austin Dahlgren Truck: Michigan Ice Monster Link: https://www.mediafire.com/file/vt71pzamjin7uws/MichiganIceMonster.zip/file Discord: Austin Dahlgren#1967
  2. Full Name: Austin Dahlgren Truck: Pastrana 199 Hometown: Rock Island, Illinois Discord Name: Austin Dahlgren #1967 Years in Competition: 4
  3. Austin Dahlgren Austin Dahlgren#1967 Pirate's Curse 2019
  4. Doubt it, the track is usually done before 4pm either way.
    Decent truck, but the name is spelled wrong on the truck. It's Menninga, not Menniga
  5. Seven more competitors added to the World Finals XX Racing and Freestyle competitions
  6. Aaron Basl will be driving Wolf's Head in first quarter on Stadium Tour 2.
  7. Could you do Mesa Park 2000, Maryland Motor Speedway and Manassas 2014?
  8. The Turbulence race truck is the old Mountaineer I believe
  9. actually, that's where you're wrong. That side is FK End Rods, the other is Hooker Harness
  10. That first picture is World Finals 18.
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