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  1. Travis Palm Titan Bad Company R.O.RMadness#0243
  2. Like @Chazzymp said above, new Jurassic paint. Update to Olferts Jurassic Attack is pendng!
  3. Version 1.0.0


    My ride for XMT. Wish the body was better but its the best I could get it. Press Ctrl + 5 for Headlights and N for high beams. Yes I did it the other way around its easier on controller. Original body was from a mod on the forums made by Charger, at least the front clip was, I heavily modified it and improved for the truck, but it isn't perfect at all. https://forum.rigsofrods.org/resources/1951-chevy-3100-street-rod.235/
    Ghosts cooler cousin
  4. Another Mega Post, my brain likes to switch to new projects and then finish old ones so here's more to that list. First is my ride for XMT, Vendetta! I would say this truck is about 80% complete, as all it needs is a better paint (thx ChazzyMP), Shortened 4-Links and Spec. I also learned Flares a tiny bit and ended up giving it the high beams the truck sometimes runs, can be activated with Ctrl + 5 and N. Next up is some new tracks, first is a very exciting one, San Antonio 2008! Next is a custom track that will (hopefully) be used in a league later this year or next year. Last up is a show I went to back in July, Waconia MN. It was the first show I went to since Covid so I wanted to make the track and venue. Still loads of work to do but it will be a fun project.
  5. Name: Travis Palm Truck: whatever is open Discord: R.O.RMadness#0243
  6. Name: Travis Palm Discord: R.O.RMadness#0243 Truck Name: Max-D Truck Link:
    While the chassis is not bad, and the paint on the 2006 paint is ok, it still has its inaccuracies, and the 2009+ paint is just horrible, its not even the right era, the paint you have on there is the 2014+, which is really just a photo of the Hot Wheels toy. None of the 2014 paint was hand drawn as I know that paint has been around for years. It could have been a lot better.
  7. Name- Travis Palm Truck- Vendetta Truck Link- coming soon Discord- R.O.RMadness#0243
  8. View File Castrol Raceway Revamp Made this a while ago for MTM. Main Layer: Visual Layer to the below: Col Layer to the right: Floor Credit meh if used Submitter RORmadness Submitted 08/08/2021 Category Track Building Items  
  9. Version 1.0.0


    I always am late to uploading stuff I do for tours. Made this track for MTM. Enjoy the new Castrol raceway model with very little detail.
  10. How bout another mega post from me? A lot of the projects I've shared before have either been shelved or no progress has been made on them so they wont be shown for now. First off, I decided to redo my Brutus/Team Scream Racesource pack, still very WIP but this is my main project as of right now. Top priority is a new Brutus paint which I started last night. There are going to be plenty of different options to choose from, these are just the ones I have gotten to so far. If Brutus wasn't my top priority it would be this right here, I am unsure if I showed this off yet but I am working on the first ever Mini Monster mod for rigs, very early stages as I have to make literally everything from scratch (any help would be appreciated!), this is going to be based on the new Stinger mini from The Metal Shop, I also have plans to add the other 2 new names coming with the new ones they are building. This project won't be done for a long time but I hope people will enjoy it when its done. I don't believe I have shown this off on the site yet, but here's Incinerator! I also have plans to do the Barthel chassis as well (only Incinerator will be on this chassis) As for tracks I have started a large group of custom tracks, more info about them will be shared later on when I finish them all, but these are the first three.
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