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  1. Version 1.0.0


    Heres a track I knocked out, got another few in the works so expect a few modern tracks from me. This track wasnt made to be anything crazy with details, it was mainly made for a chance to learn new stuff with track making so don't expect it to be the greatest thing on the site.
  2. Time for a project dump, finished up El Paso and here's finished Seattle too. I also started a new truck for Monster Truck Militia. Tracks aren't the best but I am trying new things with them to hopefully put into better tracks some day. For those wondering about El Paso and Seattle, they will be on the site eventually, I have not shared them with anyone yet so nobody has even tested them other than myself.
  3. With Seattle done I went to the next track on my list, El Paso 2020! Still lots left to do.
  4. Trying something new with every track, this time is some better treads on ramps. Dunno how I feel about it but its staying for now.
  5. Version 1.0.0


    Well its about time to wrap up my pack of 2009-2011 tracks. This one is special to me in that it is the first world finals map I made and enjoyed making the whole time. This was used in Vincents retro tour. This pack features 5 different tracks, Practice/Double Down, Racing, Freestyle Part 1, Freestyle Part 2, and Freestyle Part 3. Double Down and Racing have timers, note the left lane is faster with the timer, I couldn't get it perfect but I wanted to experiment with this track. This track also features a pit party set up, it isn't exact to how they had it but I wanted to
  6. You gotta make the backflip and the miniflip a higher saturated green cause Monster Energy.
  7. Driver: Travis Palm Series you hope to get drafted to: Monster Truck Throwdown Years in competition: 4 Discord: R.O.RMadness#0243 Biggest Accomplishment in SM events: Won AEMT Stadium series.
  8. Another day another project started. Had this track in mind for a while and finally had some free time to get started on it. Very early progress so everything is subject to change greatly.
  9. Garage is getting a little full. Wrecking Machine: AEMT, Rolling Thunder: EMTC, Over Bored: MTRA, and Grinder: Vinny's 2010 Tour. Also got the retired trucks out back waiting for another chance to rip it up. Black Pearl: MJPOD, Maximum Destruction: TLG S2, Wild Flower: RORMJL S4, Tax Fraud: IMTRS S2, and Eclipse: NAMT S2.
  10. Name: Travis Palm Discord: R.O.RMadness#0243 Hometown: Twin Cities MN
  11. Version 1.0.0


    So I've had these sitting on my computer for a while now and decided to upload them. NOTE, these track kind of suck, at least Minny 09 and Tampa 2010, they were made a long time ago and I never really thought to upload them. These were all made for Vincent's 2009-2011 tour, I had a lot of fun making them and it was a pleasure to run on them in the tour. All tracks were made with the intent of being driven from 2010, so not full speed into every jump and hitting the cars semi lightly. So don't go too fast into the cars otherwise you might bounce off them, especially on M
  12. World finals 12 Revamp nearing completion, super excited to get this on the site soon. With a new Pit Party section equipped with a main stage, ride truck track, RC track, FMX, and several tents for trucks to park next to. 5 versions will be available, Qualifying (No track paint only lines), Racing, Freestyle Part 1, 2, and 3. All freestyle parts have different aspects to them and even some hidden surprises on a certain ramp.
  13. I wanna ask this for those that don't know, if you get drafted in a tour you did not want to be in, are you aloud to decline and still get a chance to be drafted for the other two tours?
  14. Version 1.0.0


    Monster Jam is back! Jurassic Attack but its smaller and has no horns.
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