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  1. Version 1.0.0


    Crush This 2020! Another custom done, for Brad and Dan over at the Crush This Monster Truck Podcast, ready to compete in Joe's Outlaw MT Drags. Credits Blender work, sponsor plate, chassis adjustments, RII Lights, butler built headrest, firestone texture - Me Body Paint - Brad Shaw N/B setup, sounds, MSD Box - rockgod88 Shocks - Mark Colineri Original Chassis - Kozak Knuckles, Axles - Klayton Firestones - Andrew FTI Transfer Case, Gauges, EFI Screen, ISP Seat - Steele Merlin Engine, Rad/Fans, Overflow Tank - Andrew Sheets Merlin Engin
  2. Version 1.0.0


    Was contacted by Blake to put together a custom truck for him to run in Joe's virtual Outlaw Monster Truck Drags shows. The idea was to base the body design off of his Granger Racing ATV, this is what I came up with! WILL ONLY WORK ON THE NEWEST VERSION OF ROR! NOT AN OPEN CUSTOM Credits Blender work, paint, butler built head restraint, wiring/plumbing, RII strips, minor chassis edits - Me Chassis - Outlawed 540 Merlin, Radiator & Fans, Collector Headers, Fire Extinguisher, Fuel Cell - fernBurn 540 Merlin, Radiator & Fans, Collector Headers, Overflow tank,
  3. Version 1.0.0


    THE RIPPER! WILL ONLY WORK ON THE NEWEST VERSION OF ROR! Was asked by Ryan to make a replica of his truck, happy with the result! A big thanks to Ryan for many reference photos and input for the build, helping to get it as close to how he wants it in real life when its complete. Credits Blender work, N/B edits, butler built head restraint, Chevy cover badge, shocks, paint, rim edits - Me Original N/B, MSD Box, tire adjustments - rockgod88 Original Tire Model - John Dough Chassis - Kozak Merlin Engine, Rad/Fans, Fuel Cell, Fire Extinguisher - fernBu
  4. Had the opportunity to put this together for Ryan, happy with how it turned out. Much improved over the version I made a few years back. Uploading soon!
  5. I never updated anything? An admin must of updated it I guess.
    The body alone is worth 5 stars. Amazing work
  6. Version 1.1.0


    RIPTIDE 2020 Was asked to put this custom together for Bradley Shaw, he did a killer job on the paint. THIS IS NOT AN OPEN CUSTOM WILL NOT WORK WITH OLDER VERSIONS OF ROR CREDITS Blender work, sponsor plate, chassis adjustments, RII Lights, Butler Built headrest - Me Body Paint - Bradley Shaw N/B, setup, sounds, MSD Box - rockgod88 Shocks - Mark Colineri Original Chassis - Kozak Knuckles, Axles - Klayton FTI Transfer Case, EFI Screen, ISP Seat, Gauges - Steele BKT's, Merlin Engine, Rad/Fans, Overflow Tank - Andrew Sheets Merlin E
  7. Version 1.0.0


    Just Get Er Done 2020 This truck was a lot of fun to put together. Always trying to improve with each project, still more to do but I'm happy with how this turned out. Big thanks to everyone below as always, without their work it wouldn't be done. CREDITS Blender work, paint, wiring & plumbing, wheel tethers, minor rim modifications, minor n/b edits, sway bars, shocks, butler-built head restraint, Stroud safety blankets - Myself BKTs, Merlin Engine, Fuel Cell, Body, Magnaflow Collectors - Andrew Sheets Merlin Engine, Fuel Cell, Radiator, Trans Coolers, Rims,
  8. Version 1.0.0


    Bad Habit Relapse! After a lot of testing, I'm finally happy to release this to everyone! Been gone for a while but I'm back now that I've finally upgraded to a decent PC. Not perfect I know, I may bring out updates for it in the future to make it more FPS friendly, but through testing this was the best for now. As always a HUGE shout out to all the content/prop creators on this site, without you guys these trucks wouldn't be anywhere near as good. THERE IS 2 FILES, ONE FULL DETAIL, ONE FPS(ish) CREDITS Blender work, paint, logos, firestone texture, shocks, sway b
  9. I do plan to make Putte 2/Lambo and possibly Mean Viking sometime soon, probably after I’ve finished the new Bad Habit
  10. I shouldn't get credit for these shocks, all the modelling was done by Mark Colineri, credit him. I just put those together in blender
  11. Haven't posted for a while, finally got rid of my old worn out laptop and upgraded to a decent PC. Been seeing some great work on here lately, so now starting to get back into making stuff myself. I'm sure you all saw the reveal of Joe Sylvester's badass new Bad Habit truck yesterday, I thought that would be the perfect project. Currently working on the paint, and also have the beginning of a first chassis mock-up. Still loads of work to do, taking my time to make it as best as I can. These pics are far from perfect, changes will be made. Not sure when it'll be released, but it will be eventua
  12. Version 1.0.0


    Pleased with how this pack turned out! No its not perfect. Massive thanks to Starr Creations for permission to use their Black Pearl wrap! Make sure to check them out: https://www.instagram.com/starr_creationsllc/ Also thanks to @ChaoticMayhem for sending it over! Made for 0.4! Blender work, Over Bored & Rod Ryan paints - Me Black Pearl Paint - Starr Creations MSD Box - rockgod88 Rear Steer Motor - dd908 Chassis - Outlawed Fuel Cell, Fans/Radiators, Fire Extinguisher, Magnaflow Collectors, 540 Merlin - fernBurn BKT's, 540 Merlin, Fuel Cell, Fans/Radi
  13. Latest pack 99% done. Should be uploaded tonight/tomorrow. Big thanks to Starr Creations for permission to use the Black Pearl wrap!
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