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    Imagine this truck getting 1 star because of no engine files
  1. RORPS Season 5 has reached its climatic conclusion at Las Vegas, Nevada! This is where our World Finals Racing and Freestyle champions will be crowned along with our Season 5 Overall Points champion! And remember, all points earned in this event are worth double their original value, so let's see how the event went! @Vincent Akard in Backwards Bill would start the World Finals by getting the fastest qualifying time of the event! Unfortunately he would fall a bit short in racing, with @Blake Thompson in Hysteria getting the World Finals Racing Title! And for freestyle, a lot of drivers came out strong, getting some of the best wow factors of the series, period! But coming out on top would be @Josh Gajewski in Wicked Trip, taking home the World Finals Freestyle Championship trophy! I'll also give a shoutout to @fernBurn in Goblin for winning the Overall Event Championship for this event! But at the end of the event, maintaining the lead from last weeks event, would be @Brandon Adam winning Rigs Of Rods Summer Points Series Season 5! Congrats to our winners, not just from this event, but from previous events as well! And I would also like to thank everyone who tried to qualify each week for the events, and to the officials helping me out as well with the events every week! But with that, RORSPS Season 5 has come to its conclusion, but we will be back next year for even more Rigs Of Rods Summer Points Series action! We hope to see you all there in the summer of 2022!
  2. Version 1.0.0


    RORSPS Season 5 ends here in Las Vegas Nevada for the World Finals! This track consists of a custom SoCal Racing Style setup, and a blend of new and old school style obstacles with many chances to get some huge air and other wow factors! (While also paying respect to Scott Hartsock, rest in peace my dude) If you feel any credit was left out, then let me know and I will fix it!
  4. ABgamerX

    RORSPS Del Mar

    On the final top of the main season, our competitors headed out west to Del Mar, CA for some Time Trials and Freestyle! After 2 passes from each of our competitors, it would be @Swegliner849 getting the fastest time in Time Trials to take home the win. In freestyle, it would end up being a 3 way tie for 1st place with Andrew Sheets, Adam Boyne, and Brandon Adam. However since @Andrew got the score 1st, he wins freestyle via tiebreaker! Speaking of @Brandon Adam, since he got 3rd place in freestyle from the tiebreaker and 5th fastest time in time trials, he was able to take home the Overall Event Championship! And with this event, the top 16 competitors have locked in their spots in the World Finals in Las Vegas, NV! We hope to see you all there, as the race for the World Racing and Freestyle Championships and the RORSPS Points champion will come to its exciting conclusion, where all points earned are double their original amount!
  5. Name: Adam Boyne Discord: ABgamerX (Adam B )✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ#4455 Truck Name: Jurassic Attack Truck Link:
  6. Version 1.0.0


    The last main season stop of RORSPS Season 5 heads to Del Mar for some Time Trials and Freestyle action! Track X: If you feel any credit was left out, then let me know and I will fix it!
  7. State Farm Stadium in Glendale Arizona has brought us some of the closest races yet in RORSPS! Taking come the racing trophy in one of those close photo finish races would be @Vincent Akard in Backwards Bill! Freestyle gave us a lot wow moments as well, but for the 1st time this season it would be @Blake Thompson in Hysteria taking home the freestyle trophy! @Vincent Akard also got 3rd place in freestyle, getting him that 1 extra point that he needed to win the Overall Event Championship! It's been fun here in the south, but it's now time to head out west to Del Mar, CA for some time trials and freestyle action! We hope to see you all there for the last main season event before the World Finals, as the battle for the top 16 gets intense!
  8. I started to make it in mid 2019, but gave up on it due to both a lack of motivation to finish it and the fact I didn't have the stadium model for it. I used Tacoma as a placeholder since this was the closest model to it at the time. I'm most likely not going to finish it, but if anyone else wants it to finish it up, then hit me up in DM's either here or on Discord (preferably Discord) and I will send the blend if I get the chance
  9. Version 1.0.0


    Stop #7 of RORSPS heads to Glendale, AZ for a more unique racing setup! Drivers start near the Red Zone, take a huge leap across the gap, go over the roller to make a sharp turn to the outside lane, go over the roller again to make the turn through the gap, and then cross over the finish line on the inside lane! If you feel any credit was left out, then let me know and I will fix it!
  10. ABgamerX

    RORSPS Houston

    RORSPS Headed down south to NRG Stadium in Houston, TX for some old school J-Hook Style racing! @Brandon Adam in Grinder would get the fastest qualifying, and after many photo finishes throughout racing, he would also move on to take home the racing trophy! We then move on to freestyle, where we see A LOT of high numbers being put up left and right, but coming out on top would be @Chris B in Showtime taking home not only the freestyle win, but also the overall event championship via the freestyle score tiebreaker! Next week stay down south and continue to head west to Glendale, AZ for what might be the best stadium event of the season! We hope to see you all there!
  11. Version 1.0.0


    RORSPS now heads down to NRG Stadium in Houston TX! This track is pretty much J-Hook style racing. That's it honestly, have fun! If you feel any credit was left out, then let me know and I will fix it!
  12. We have reached the halfway point of the season as RORSPS stops at St Louis, MO! The drivers were able to maneuver through the turns on the elevated platforms, but only 1 person can master the racing course, and that would be @Vincent Akard in Backwards Bill! Freestyle however was a greater challenge, but the 1 driver that would come out on top would be @Adrian Cooper in Ares! However, none of these drivers were the overall event champion! While Vincent did tie when it came to points, the overall event championship title goes to @Blake Thompson in Hysteria, who received the higher freestyle score! Next week we plan to continue to go out west and visit NRG Stadium in Houston, TX! We hope to see you guys there!
  13. That means you most likely exceeded the maximum number of files you are allowed to download within a 24 hour period. Wait 24 hours after your most recent download and you should be able to download again
  14. Version 1.0.0


    Stop #5 of RORSPS heads to St Louis, MO! This track consists of J-Hook style racing, but the twist here is that you jump onto a higher elevation platform and then jump off it to finish the race. Idk what else to say other than have fun! If you feel any credit was left out, then let me know and I will fix it!
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