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    VERY fun track to drive on, amazing job as usual Chris
  1. ABgamerX


    Version 1.0.0


    Here's a new truck that I've been working on for the past few weeks, Dissipate! It's a truck that's based on on one of my new favorite songs: Dissipate by Alesti (feat. Anxxiety). This is also the first time I did any actual blender work with a truck (even if it is a header swap and very minor adjustments to the chassis). I also learned how to edit the node/beam setup in Blender to match up more with the frame and to help align all the props to match. I'm slowly getting better at truck making and is currently the most effort I've put into a truck so far. This is not an open custom. If you want to use this for a fun run or a league, dm me first! If you feel credit has been left out, or if any of the credits are incorrect, then please let me know and I will make the corrections as soon as possible!
  2. Well it's a private truck pack that was never released on Sim Monsters, so most people on the site don't have it
  3. The Rigs of Rods community is heavily against ripping content from other games, so if someone rips content from Masters of Metal for instance, it will not be allowed to be posted onto Sim Monsters. However, I believe someone is working on making one of the Masters of Metal tracks from scratch, but I think it's still a very early WIP. Also, you have to follow this format when making a request:
  4. I would lower the lip of the ramp on the double by the single car, other than that, pretty good
  5. You don't sign up in the help and support section, you have to go to the league's sign up page and make sure you sign up using the correct format
  6. Might as well show this off, kinda inspired by Monster Jam's Vancouver show in 2008 (where it was a stadium show with concrete), I decided to put together a custom concrete Syracuse track, while also messing around with the new testmobile vehicle packs. When I release this track I will also include some png's of these vehicles in a multitude of colors for other people to use as well. (Still gotta mess around with some collision meshes and a few material errors and of course freestyle)
    I like track, and the mini-flip ramp is one of the better ones out there when it comes to completing a rotation. However I do feel there are still way too many faces by the mini-flip ramp, which can cause lag spikes, especially for those who have slower pc's
  7. You must follow these guidelines when requesting a truck:
  8. Adam Boyne ABgamerX (Adam B ) ✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ#4455 Northern Nightmare
  9. no it isn't, there's only a private one that I know of, which uses a stolen Beamng paint
  10. not yet because nobody has started making it yet
  11. Also if an ad pops up when you click a download, just close out of it quickly. Mediafire runs heavily on ads, so there's no guarantee an ad won't give you a virus if you interact too much with it
    Good job on the track, but like I said in Discord, there needs to be a car in place of the bus, with some dirt coming up slightly to make the car at a slightly higher elevation than the other 2 cars.
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