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  1. I would like the c10 bake used for the Over Bored and Miss Over Bored 2018 Pack.
  2. What is a "flame chassis"? I would be happy to help.
  3. Name: Over Bored Body: 1941 Willys Chassis: Concussion (I actually believe the chassis belonging to Mad Monster on my profile might work) Paint (images of color/graphics): [SKIN] (Include in topic title) ex: Over Bored (Pre 2016) Other details: Purple chassis, white shocks, zoomies
    By looking at that racing track it really makes you see how this is where the best of the best duke it out. Great job!
    This is actually my home track! I can walk here. Anyway, great job!
    Truck drives awesome. Great job on the wheels. The body is pretty iffy, but it probably took a lot of work. Nice try.
  4. Version 1.0.0


    I made a new thread instead of updating the old one because of these factors: The old one is not in the 0.4 "trucks" category This one is cloned properly, and I wanted it to be standalone to the other one. NOTE You can have both truck files, because the old one is NOT cloned properly. Both trucks are the same, but this one has a few touch ups on the paint and is cloned properly. HUGE shoutout to ABgamerX for making an easy tutorial which worked on the first try! Not an open custom Creds: Paint- monsterjamrocks11 and I Engine- Wambo/SealedGecko chassis- Kozak Body - fernBurn Wheels - James Shocks- Mark Colineri Everything else - sim-monsters
  5. Version 1.0.0


    I'm a movin' violation baby HOT HOT, HOT HOT! CREDITS: Original Trucks - John Dough, monsterjam507yt, and sugu341 Paint - Me If you want credit for something, message me. Go big, go HOT WHEELS!!!
  6. Version 1.0.0


    Creds: TBA
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