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  1. As stated my ps4 controller isn't working. The inputs arent correct. Ive tried everything and every download please help
  2. please help i cant get anything to work thank you
  3. please send it thank you. i have a g29 it should work
  4. I cannot for 1 million bucks get any controller to work at all. Tried a ps4 controller with the map and didnt work. Tried a logitech gaming controller with the xbox 360 map which used to work and now doesnt. Even tried the g29 and didnt work
  5. ok I downloaded the xbox input by Mark and pasted the text into the input file in config. also tried deleting all the other controller text files text but leaving them there. what should i do? the steering is on the right hand joystick and none of the buttons do what theyre supposed to
  6. i have the 2020 version but i want 4.6
  7. sry i havent been on. Been rlly busy with school.
  8. You gonna make a server for the tour? Or are you gonna use OfficialAny servers?
  9. Uh real quick question. Why in the hell are you using 4.7 instead of 4.6?
  10. Welcome to Sim-Monsters! I agree with all of the points you made btw. I think the sport is forgetting about it's old school fans. Granted, im only 14 turning 15 in December, but I liked it the way it was 10 years ago. Now I don't even watch Monster Jam anymore. If you ever wanna play, my Discord is RacingRichard#3475.
  11. I have yellow reflections on almost all trucks and I don't know why. Can someone tell me how to get rid of them? Thank you.
  12. Hey welcome to Sim-Monsters! If you ever wanna play, my Discord is RacingRichard#3475.
  13. sure RacingRichard#3475
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