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Community Answers

  1. lets bump some life into this thread
  2. interesting render of a new truck from the tomfoolery camp
  3. Tentatively done, waiting to see if there are any more revisions before it's powder coated and being able to call it releasable
  4. @krazyd24 I would imagine there being someone on here who knows what they are doing that could. I have fallen drastically behind (hence still using 2.49b) and would be of little help on the subject now. Finished Stinger while working on and off on King Sling
  5. @cciriello2000 It will be, have a handful of things I am wrapping up for a updated zip. Should be out around the end of the month.
  6. @fernBurnfor context it was the clicker for the scroll wheel button that stopped working (scroll wheel stopped registering a bit after), the mouse was completely fine otherwise. Here are the first two metal shop chassis's done (yes I am doing king sling and stinger)
  7. haven't touch blender in almost a year, it is so nice to have a working scroll wheel again.
  8. Name: Nicholas Kozak Truck: Huckin Eh Discord: Download Link (Sim-Monsters Only): Have to finish it first Truck Song: Need to think about this one Year Debuted (Driving): Far too long Body Type: 2021 Ford F-650 Hometown (OPTIONAL): British Columbia, Canada
  9. Kudos for sticking with it Danny and props to those that were involved or assisted in any manner. Been awhile since I have been this interested in ROR.
  10. Driver: Currently Unemployed FELD Athlete #19 Truck: Speed Energy Discord: Teamspeak bro Hometown (Optional): CIFPO Download Link: Truck Song (Optional):
  11. Sir Mixalot coming at you with a classic
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