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  1. Driver: Currently Unemployed FELD Athlete #19 Truck: Speed Energy Discord: Teamspeak bro Hometown (Optional): CIFPO Download Link: Truck Song (Optional):
  2. Sir Mixalot coming at you with a classic
  3. still working, for better or worse. been getting alot of mountain biking in otherwise, I feel for the people who are basically locked down in their homes at the moment.
  4. You might notice moving forward that the upload pages for tracks and trucks have changed a bit. It is relatively basic but something that people were asking for. There are going to be some growing pains with its implantation but it will work hand in hand with a few more changes that will be happening in the near future. If you have an questions/comments or concerns please post below! Track uploads: Truck Uploads credit fields:
  5. https://docs.rigsofrods.org/gameplay/installing-content/
  6. Pack update, quite a bit of new stuff, bunch of revisions, etc
  7. couple of brand new builds out of the Team Throttle Monster
  8. @nks1996 Had to go digging for reference photos but I think these should suffice
  9. @Wizeguy it is the most current chassis that Meents and Elliott are running
  10. the hint is in the cradle area of who the second TMS chassis that was being built alongside the new Saigon Shaker is for
  11. @NitroMenace you are correct, to be fair not much posted for either truck though
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