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  1. Name: Daniel SmithTruck: Jurassic AttackLink: Discord: Daniel915#2157
  2. Daniel Smith Driving Skool
  3. Name- Daniel SmithTruck- Bad DecisionTruck Link- TBABackup- IdkDiscord- Daniel915#2157
  4. Daniel915

    NAMT Montreal 2020

    I cant download. says cant be downloaded securely
  5. only things that needs fixing is the nodes so it actually mathces the truck, but you did use the v4, so i guess you couldnt help it
    This is hands down one of the coolest custom tracks ive ever seen
  6. Daniel915

    Show Jam 2020

    Thank you for being one of the people that actually likes releasing tracks and trucks!!! amazing track!!!!
  7. what would i copy and paste? and what is the body paint name
  8. i have latest version of ror and some trucks work and some dont, only rummel indie 2019 works for me
  9. could someone provide me with the soundpack used for this?
  10. the track isnt muddy like it should be
  11. im having problems with el toros smoke i press g but also the tires arent the normal sir's they are the ror version i have particles enabled too
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