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  1. Willy Hope Team Hotwheels Firestorm DM Warthog.23XI#8419
  2. Name: Willy H. Truck: Team Hotwheels Firestorm Truck Link: DM Discord: Warthog23_XI#8419
    As I Freestyle in this, for the theme song I play "Real Gone" or "Life is a Highway" From the 1st movie. God your a Ledgend.
  3. Name: Willy Hope Truck: Krazy Train 2019 Link: Discord: Warthog_43#8413
  4. Whenever I Spawn the truck in the map, Only the wheels and shocks show up. I dont see no body, no engine, or roosterpit. Can you help?
  5. The track doesnt appear in the map selection
  6. The Tires are White. and why do we need to add the tires for it to work? Does it get rid of the white stuff on the tires?
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