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  1. Name (First and last): Armando Barbosa Truck: Overkill Evolution Discord: mando#2528 Theme song: http://youtube.com/watch?v=BwRCrljNc4Q&t=6s Link to truck: Will send in DM soon
    Pretty sick truck, glad to see you finally went through with making it. Hope to see more soon.
  2. Name: Armando Barbosa Truck: Brocamino Backup Truck Choice 1: Monster Energy (Coty) Backup Truck Choice 2: Jester Discord: mandoඞ#2528
  3. Name: Armando Barbosa Truck: Bakugan Draganoid Truck Link: Private Discord: mando#2328
  4. Armando BarbosaBakugan DraganoidYou have itmando#2528
    woah dude, chill out bro. sick truck man!
  5. Name: Armando Barbosa Hometown: Miami, FL Discord: armando#6368
    Great track for you just really starting to learn how to make tracks. Looking forward to more
    Awesome track yes yes 10/10
  6. Armando Barbosa Superman Miami, FL armando#6368 4 Years in competition
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