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    im stealing your food im up in your home Devin doss sucks
  1. Bonky Bob Son Uva Digger Reed Timmer's Number 1 Fan#6969
  2. Name-Alex Ferullo Truck-Jekyll n Hyde Backup Truck 1-Barbarian Truck Link- Discord-Reed Timmer's Number 1 Fan
    Reddit big chungus imposter sussy baka amogus 🧯 Fire tracks 🔥
    3d crowd on mexico city when?
  3. Name (First and Last): Alex Ferullo Truck: Monster energy Truck Link: Discord: icantstopchangingmyname#6969 Theme (If using a custom truck):
  4. Name (First and last): Alex Ferullo Truck: Monster Energy 2020 (Coty) Discord: you have it (icantstopchangingmyname#0828) Theme song: whatever ME theme is Link to truck: ig its private so dms
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