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  1. guess it's better to get this deleted before anyone gets angry
  2. Well i thought you could upload the Full Show mp4's to mediafire and pepole would download it. But come to think of it..... This thread was a bad idea.
  3. have any Monster Jam vids that you can't upload to Youtube because of copyright strike? upload them here instead!
  4. Name: Maximum Destruction Render Body: Futuristic SUV Chassis: Willman Paint:if anyone has the box of this diecast use the render on the left. Name: Goldberg Cancelled Body Chassis: Crd? Wilman? Body: Alternate Futuristic SUV Paint: Name: Monster Mutt With Teeth Body: Chop Top Mercury with Teeth on front bumper Chassis: I dunno Paint: sorry for the low quality pics. Name: Beware of the Junkyard Dog Body: Willy's Pickup Truck Chassis: no idea. Paint: Name: Cancelled 2
  5. Name: Ryan Cooper's BMW M3 GTR Body: BMW M3 GTR Chassis: CRD? Extra Details: Toyo Tires with White Toyo letters, Actual BMW M3 GTR Rims and a Stacked Deck Skin Paint: Stacked Deck: Name: Razor Callahan's Ford Mustang GT Body: Ford Mustang GT Chassis: Crd? Extra Details: Toyo Tires with White Toyo letters, "Payback" Skin Paint: Payback Skin:
  6. I Guess This Is Probably The First Case for the 2019 Monster Jam Trucks.
  7. Hot Wheels Has A Reason To Retire. But Why Mad Scientist And Lucas Oil Crusader?!
  8. So........ King Krunch's Hood Is Gonna Be White Now
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