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  1. Version 1.0.2


    Made by @Nick Worthmen
  2. Name: Jayden.M Truck: Grave Digger (Doesnt Matter) Back-up Truck 1: Bakugan Dragonoid Discord: Over#0613
  3. Name: Jayden Mcclam Truck: Maximizer Truck:
  4. Name- Jayden Mcclam Truck- Bearfoot Truck Link- Coming Backup Truck 1- Airborne Range Discord-Over#0613
  5. Name: Jayden Mcclam TrucK: Smokin Discord: Over#0613
  6. Name: Jayden McClam Truck: Headliner Truck link: Fixing Discord: Over#0613 Theme:
  7. Name (First and last) Jayden McClam Headliner Over#0613 Theme: TBD Link: TBD
  8. Name: Jayden Mcclam Truck: Megaladon Truck Link: Private Discord: over#0613
  9. Signup Format Name: Jayden. M Truck: Megaladon (tristan) Backup Truck Choice 1: Kraken Backup Truck Choice 2: Monster Mutt (Kevin) Discord: Over#0613
  10. Posted Friday at 08:57 PM SIGNUPS FOR RORMJL SEASON 4 WILL BE SUNDAY 10/11/20 AT 3:00PM EST. SIGNUPS WILL FOLLOW THIS FORMAT: Name: Jayden Mcclam Number 1 Pick/Link(DM if private): Pretty Wicked Dont Have Link Number 2 Pick/Link(DM if private): Raminator Dont Have Link Number 3 Pick/Link(DM if private): barbarion Number 4 Pick/Link(DM if private): Black stallion
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