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  1. Name: Jackson Morris Truck: BroCamino Back-up Truck 1: Pirates Curse Discord: MJH#6111
  2. Name - Jackson Morris Truck - Jester Link - On spreadsheet already Backup - Predator
    My Lenovo Thinkpad might not be able to run it terribly well but that doesn't mean its bad, incredible work!
    I am beyond excited to see this in ROR and use this for a league. Absolutely love it Magnus!!
  3. Name (First and last): Jackson Morris Truck: Ripsaw Discord: MJH#611 Theme song: Link to truck: private i will send link
    I don't think a modern logo on a retro-ish truck deserves 3 stars, especially when it handles beautifully and looks amazing. Cam McQueen gives 5 Stars
  4. Signup FormatName: Jackson MorrisTruck: Dragon (Migues)Backup Truck Choice 1: Dalmatian (Kaylyn)Backup Truck Choice 2: Scooby Doo (Myranda)Discord: MJH#6111
  5. Well hello again everyone! AEMT is coming back for yet another fun run! This time we are doing a custom lineup (might be used for a potential Season 2 *wink wink*). Sign Ups commence as of writing this post, and we will be doing the fun run Thursday 15th of April at 7pm EST! Like last time the lineup is pre-selected so please choose your truck from the list below: 1. Grave Digger the Legend 2. Son-Uva-Digger (Zach) 3. El Toro Loco (MJH) 4. N.E.A. Police 5. Hot Wheels 6. Alien Invasion 7. Crushtation 8. Stone Crusher 9. Hooked 10. Titan 11. Saigon Shaker 12. Backwards Bob (Ewan) 13. Dragon 14. Lucas Oil Crusader 15. EarthShaker 16. Zombie Hunter Couple of extra things to note: 1. Sign Up format is: Name: Truck: Link: Discord: 2. Make sure to react to the AEMT emoji in the Sim Discord Server to see the AEMT server where all competiton information will be! Take care everyone hope to see you all soon out on the track!
  6. Decided that I wanted to revamp a track i had previously finished, but felt like needed some work..... And Marcelo aka @Swegliner849keeps bugging me to finish it so yeah double the motivation lol
  7. It's time to jam. Still have more things to do and figure out but we are making progress
  8. You can try but it might have to do with material files being named similar things or being incorrect. I really don't know
  9. Most likely conflicting files or something
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