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  1. Name: Jackson Morris Truck: Ripsaw Link: You have it Discord: You also have it
  2. All Elite Monster Trucks has been active over the last 2 weeks, so much has happened that we had to merge it into one post! Below is the action that unfolded in Week 3 & Week 4 of All Elite Monster Trucks! Week 3: After being absent from the previous Week, Vincent Akard needed to have a clean weekend to come anywhere near close to taking the points series win away from Travis Palm. Vincent would do just that, winning Racing, Skills and Freestyle. Not much else to add here, with the exception of that Ewan Ford put down an amazing Freestyle that may have warranted second place, but
  3. Name: Jackson Morris Truck: Ripsaw Truck Link: I'll DM it to you Discord: You have it
  4. Week 2 of All Elite Monster Trucks was surely exciting and goes to show that you shouldn't always put all your poker chips on one card, or in this case 1 competitor! Stadiums was a moment for redemption, as the former points leader Vincent Akard in Rockwell R.E.D. was unable to show up to defend his championship series lead. He did get himself two points as the fastest qualifier, however he fell in the points because of him not being present at Houston. Many drivers took the opportunity to get as many points as they could to take the championship series lead. The Semi Final round proved t
  5. Name: Jackson Morris Truck: Ripsaw Truck Link: I'll DM it to you Discord: MJH#6111
  6. This previous weekend saw the official start to the All Elite Monster Trucks season with a great weekend with some amazing action! Here is a small recap of what happened across both Stadiums and Arenas! Domination was to be expected, however there were many drivers who put on an amazing performance! During Qualifying, Vincent Akard in Rockwell R.E.D blitzed the competition, and taking the first two points of the season. But the talk of the night during racing by far was Ewan Ford in El Toro Loco Black, DEFEATING Marcelo Mendoza subbing in for Joseph Medina in Avenger during the Semi Final
  7. This previous week was technically the first week of action for All Elite Monster Trucks, and boy oh boy was it exciting! While not for points, the drivers who were able to show up made the most of this testing grounds to prove themselves and show what they could do! The Stadium Series would show the Number 1 contender for the Stadium Series title, that being Vincent Akard in the Rockwell R.E.D Monster Truck! Vincent took all three competitions, that being Racing, Skills and Freestyle, showing he was the dominant competitor and the person to look out for! In saying this however, many
  8. The start of All Elite Monster Trucks is fast approaching! 24 Drivers have picked their machines to do battle in! Coming up in the final weeks of November, both Stadium & Arena Drivers will duel it out for the first time. Drivers will get a feel for how the rest of the season will operate, and allow last minute changes to set them up for success for the All Elite World Championship at Las Vegas, Nevada. Its going to be an all out assault, competitors must take every opportunity given to them. Stick around to the All Elite Sim Monsters forum, for results from each
  9. ALL TRUCKS ARE TAKEN!! Thank you to everyone who signed up. But........ There still is a chance for you to become All Elite!! If you are wanting to be a substitute driver (for someone who cannot make the event) or the next driver in line, repeat the same sign up process, but instead of picking a truck, put "Reserve". Stay tuned for more information about ALL ELITE MONSTER TRUCKS!
  10. Hey man, your Discord tag doesn't work. Also, EarthShaker isn't in the lineup. Would you be able to pick something else? Thanks man
  11. Hey, Forgot to update the spreadsheet; Twisted Addiction is taken. Would you be able to sign up for something else? Sorry for the confusion
  12. Are you ready to become ALL ELITE?! Sign Ups for both the Stadium Series and Arena' series will now begin! The format is: Driver Name: Truck Name: Discord: For more information on how the tour works, please visit this page containing all the rules & important things you need to know: In addition to this, for the lineup of trucks to choose from, please take a look at this Spreadsheet for trucks available to choose from: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1jOqP-NUnq2f1hslJxve6E3HCd8QkKj92iM1Mh5yhUqg/edit?usp=sharing If you need any assistanc
  13. NOTE: All Elite does NOT start in 2021, it will start in December 2020 through to January 2021. Apologies for the confusion.
  14. Welcome to All Elite Monster Trucks, a Sim Monsters league focused on putting your virtual skills to the test in a multi tour league. In this league, drivers will compete in either the Stadium Series or the Arena Series to gain the points championship and a chance to compete in the World Finals in Las Vegas, Nevada. A set list of trucks have been chosen by the Moderators for competitors to chose from, with certain trucks locked under either the Stadium Series or Arena Series. Sign Ups for Stadiums & Arena's will commence on Thursday the 5th of November at 4pm EST in a sepa
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