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  1. BLaney2006


    what is the track used?
  2. awesome!! thank you for pointing that out!!!!
  3. I don't think Grave Digger Fire has been released.... the only fire and Ice trucks released to date are Fire Max-D, Fire Megalodon, and Ice Dragon.
    Very pleased with this track, even though there are a couple things that aren't my cup of tea, they are all VERY minor and I am willing to overlook them. Great job Karnag!!!! I mean it!!!!
  4. why is this file even short of 5 stars?!?!? I think it is awesome!!!! Good job Karnag!!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. the only thing is black pearl (even in its 2019 form) has already been made.... but looks good prior to download!!!!
  6. bruh you are the one bashing people for their probably at least half decent creations..... so honestly, you shouldn't be throwing attitude at a guy that probs has more experience than you on this site.
  7. just please make sure it is a fair size. I downloaded maxdman's one, and the things in the ramp were almost sticking out on the top.
  8. the only thing different about the tabletop is the extra lane tbh
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