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  1. Should be a drop-down menu when you select it on your mod list in-game. Just click the menu and the other versions will show up and you can select which one to spawn.
  2. Ahahahaha yes, I was wondering if this was gonna eventually show up
  3. I'd love to help in some capacity, though I'll need to go over exactly what I could be helpful on, lol. Definitely would love to be in on Monster Patrol, Raminator, and Rammunition for sure.
  4. That's exactly what I'm thinking of, you got it. If we could somehow get one that's basically an encyclopedia of content, that'd be legit. A true one stop shop of sorts.
  5. I absolutely love it, by far my favorite freestyle track of the year thus far. The spacing is excellent and I do love how the backflip ramp faces the actual course instead of the sides, makes for some interesting combo potential. Also a big fan of the high jumps, the ramps are crisp and the trucks respond well. I always add in some crushable cars to add some extra fun and this map is perfect for it. My one gripe which isn't even that big of a deal is how narrow the racing lanes feel and the ramps, specifically on the left lane's final turn, could interfere with some deeper turns. Aside from that, I love it all, well done.
  6. So was chatting on Discord about trucks and how few and far between some are and how there are tons of trucks/tracks that have either been forgotten, not posted in a long time, up at one point but gone/broken now, or just straight up unreleased things that never made it for whatever reason. So the idea of an archive came about, sort of a dropbox idea. Basically, it's a giant archive of links to everything, organized by trucks and tracks and is basically just a very easy, accessible, simple way of finding/storing content. It'd obviously be separate from here and the official RoR repository, the point is to have one central mass of information stored and readily/easily accessed. It would save those who have the files from being pestered for them and would save those looking for the files the frustration of having to track them down. Let me know what you guys think!
  7. Really wish the author would add the missing files and re-upload this as I've tried doing it myself and it just glitches the truck out all black. I'm not sure why this happens, I added in all the missing files and everything but it blacked out the body and a lot of the textures. Really sad this is the only version of Alien Invasion available.
  8. Another dead file? Damn, 2 in a row now, lol.
  9. Any chance of this being reuploaded or is this basically dead? Shame the link is broken.
  10. Wait...there's a Brutus breakable? I've never seen it before, is it even on the site still? Sorry for posting on an 'older' post if it's an issue, not like many posts get bumped anyways.
  11. Oh wow, you actually made my current favorite track to run both racing and freestyle on, STL 2019, go figure lol. I'd love to get into track/truck making or at least modding/painting/making trucks into breakables but blender is so intimidating for me right now. I've started learning how to tweak little things via .truck files in notepad but that's about it so far. I didn't know you made customs, though then again there were quite a few custom makers back in the day it was hard to remember them all. I actually am planning my first ever custom soon, I just need to figure out a few things(Mainly decal application and clear-coating), I'm gonna hand-paint it with Testors enamel paint. Have you seen the new Spin Master trucks? Hot Wheels lost the MJ contract and I was skeptical at first but the SM trucks are actually amazing, though you might get hooked back in again so be careful, lol. HW makes Bigfoot now too so it's a win-win as far as I'm concerned.
  12. Ayyy, I remember your name too! The avatar looks familiar as well, MadRat made mine too! I had the green ghost GD one, lol. Thanks man, been around for a little bit now but never got around to making one of these, lol. You still collecting?
  13. I'm a bit late making this post but figured now may as well be as good a time as ever, so here I am. I'm 25 and I'm completely new to monster truck games in general, my only previous experience being the 2007 Monster Jam PS2 dumpster fire of a game that basically had me avoiding MT games like the plague despite being a lifelong fan of MT's in general. I discovered RoR shortly before the new year and went hard getting into it even with my toaster laptop. I did try BeamNG.drive and ultimately prefer RoR for it's far more expanded mod community and the fact I happen to prefer the physics in RoR as opposed to Beam which feels a bit sluggish at times(It also doesn't run nearly as well on my toaster oven). I'm possibly looking into maybe making some fun run vids but I have no clue how to even use recording/editing software so that's a work in progress. Maybe one day I'll have the courage to join a league but we'll have to see about that one. I do eventually want to try my hand at making trucks, though that's a long ways off. I was a member on a forum site called MonsterTruckCollectors(MTC for short) under this exact same username some years ago before the site ultimately went down for good and moved to the FB group format. I've been collecting die-cast monster trucks since I was little and have amassed quite a nice collection over the years. Nowhere near the likes of MonsterJamOCD but I'm approaching the 300 mark at least. I collect old school Muscle Machines trucks(realistic decos only aka no movie trucks), Hot Wheels Monster Jam(And some from the new HWMT line), and the new Spin Master Monster Jam series. My fiance likes to poke fun at me for this, though she still plays Pokemon so we all have our vices, lol. Die-cast monster trucks has kind of always been a major hobby of mine so if anyone else on here is into collecting do let me know, always love to meet fellow collectors.
  14. DiggerFan13

    Fire Maxd

    What does this even mean? Not exactly in the loop so a tad lost here. Is this to say people just stop working on things if they get leaked and thus never get released or more a matter of things that were never supposed to be released get leaked regardless? Either way, glad we finally have at least one Fire and Ice truck to hold us over for now. Fingers crossed for the rest and am hopeful someone will eventually release a proper Dragon and Alien Invasion. I tried to convert it into a breakable using the MaxD2016 breakable but I have no idea what I'm doing and it ultimately turned out a failure. I tried to match up lines of code and thought I did a solid job, the truck still spawned but had double bodies and the wheels were all kinds of crazy.
  15. DiggerFan13

    Fire Maxd

    Regardless of the controversy, this thing is excellent, both looks and handling wise. Very nice to finally get a taste of the Fire and Ice trucks, kinda digging the idea of them trickling out one by one. Only "issue" I had was the wheels being all black, which happens a lot to me so it's probably not even the truck itself. Just swapped on Dough's BKT's and it works like a charm.
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