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  1. Uh Yes But I Haven't Uploaded Any Videos.
  2. (Depending on the Controller you can still plug it in)
  3. You can use Controllers on a pc(Plug the Controller into the Pc)
  4. Yes You Cant get Rigs Of Rods On Xbox, Ps4, Switch, Etc
  5. Rigs Of Rods Is Only For Pc.
  6. Name: You Know Discord: Boss987#9678 Truck Link: Truck Theme: "Bulletproof" by Five Finger Death Punch
  7. Theres a link too the discord in the first post Drivers!
  8. Name: Brian Parker Truck: Knuckle Head Truck Link: Discord: Boss987#9678
  9. World Finals 18 Racing, The other sim Monster All Star Challenge tracks, and there may be a few others
  10. Some trucks just dont have sound.
  11. Boss987

    RCD Stadium 2.0

    This Is the .4 Version of the track:
  12. Boss987


    I fixed it(please remove this)
  13. Boss987


    Awesome Truck.
  14. Is that a dragon-bull-thing?
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