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  1. Name: Fefe Cayres Productions Truck: Jurassic Attack 2021 Truck Link: Discord: Fefe Cayres Productions#7086
  2. Name: Fefe Cayres Productions Truck: Octon8er Truck Link: Discord: Fefe Cayres Productions#7086
  3. Any Spin Master Monster Jam Logos? Heres A List Of Spin Master Truck From The Line Wildfire Yeti Racing Stripes Horse Power Sparkle Smash Calavera Sasquatch Freebird Queen Bee Full Charge Salvager Double Decker OCD Meltdown (Here's Some Extras Trucks From The Tours) Jurasic Attack Tropical Thunder Thunder 4X4 Hericane Force Cyclops Time Flys (Red Logo) King Krunch Crushstation Wild Flower Stinger I Guess That's All
  4. Ok Only 2 That Aren't Monster Truck Related A Lost Kittys Logo (Toy Brand) And Some Apple App Logo Maybe Data
  5. So I Have My Opinions 1:The The Truck By The texture Isn't Acurrate To The Spin Master Model 2:The Spin Master Model Donen't Have The Monster Jam.Com Logo And The Truck Donen't Have Ryan Albin's Name On It 3:The Truck Is A Custom Like I Do The Truck Is Lucas Oil Crusader But It Shows The Orignal Model Becase I Have Issues WIth Custom Truck Out Of Truck And Last 3:It Donen't Have G R E E N W H E E L S That's All
  6. Name:Fefe Cayres Productions Truck:Titan Link: Discord:Fefe Cayres Productions#7086
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