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    Looks great!
    Link to San Diego is broken but other than that its great
  1. OMG it worked! Thanks so much!
  2. rip didnt work. im stumped
  3. What do you mean by that? How would I do that correctly?
  4. So I made some custom sounds. I followed every tutorial I could find on youtube and on this website on how to create a soundscript file. I'm almost positive I did everything right, but when I spawn the truck in rigs, it has no sound whatsoever. Can someone help? Heres some screenshots of my custom sounds: Pls help. Thanks!
  5. Thats what I meant in my comment. I spawned the truck with the sounds I inputed and the sounds for that truck are completely gone. I've done things like this before when replacing a sound file for an existing one off another truck. But for whatever reason the sounds I created don't work.
  6. I made my own soundscript file and did the steps according to ur tutorial and my sound files. For whatever reason the truck has no sound now.
  7. I'd definitely be interested in one of these
  8. also im pretty sure Scott Buetow is moving to Hot Wheels Monster Trucks Live
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