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  1. Does anyone Know the progress on this
  2. Name: Captain America Body: Custom body( this is what the wiki lists it as, if anybody knows please could they comment it so i can change it) Chassis: CRD Paint:
  3. Name: UK monster truck nationals venue: Santa pod raceway racing style:Straight drag with turn Tyre replica or custom: Replica Date ran: 18 August 2019 Photos/graphics: Other details: sorry for the lack of images as there really isn't any, well anywhere
  4. Name: Red Dragon Monster Truck Body:Ford ( sorry about the brief body description as there are no records anywhere of what the body is based on) Chassis: Custom built by the driver Neil Hems Paint: Other: This is a ride truck so if you Want to work on this you may have to design a custom body.
  5. I've been lurking around this site for a good few months now and everytime i come on here i always am looking for new trucks to download, being a brit myself, i would love to see if anyone could make any of the UK trucks(like Podzilla,swamp thing, slingshot, and a few more.) I get most of you on this site are americain/canada, but a quick google search may help bring a lot of these trucks to a new audience
  6. Name: Podzilla Body:Chevrolet CK 1500 Chassis:Unknown Paint:(Images of color/graphics) Other:
  7. Track Name: Santa pod raceway live action arena Replica or Custom: Replica Racing Style:N/A Date Run: Several times through out the year Notes:Sorry about no pictures as my computer wouldn't let me place the images i wanted
  8. Hi, i know drag racing gets a lot of hate from certain people( like saying that all it is is two people going down a quarter mile) but its more than that.Anyway, does anyone know where I can find any download links to get some cool cars Here are examples of drag cars
  9. I am relatively new to this community, with all its talented creators. but the one map i cannot find is just a simple 6( or 8)crush car maps. if anyone would like to point me in the right direction or create the map for me, i would be deeply grateful. P.S Santa pod raceway's live action arena might be some good inspiration.
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