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  1. Ready for the Star Spangled Spectacular >:) see you there, comrades
    the rear of your chassis would fold like a taco if it hit one jump irl.
  2. Tenacity Bethke North Country Bandit Discord: Tenacity (She/Her)#1312 Theme song: https://youtu.be/JukTvlrh-Wk Link to truck: will be dmed
    truck's pretty fun to drive, and the paints for both are killer. my only issue is that it handles almost a bit too well, needs to hike up more on takeoff. Also I know I've been on your ass about this before, but the chassis needs the rear braces over the shocks. Well done otherwise, it's nice to finally have a decent version of Power forward in ROR.
  3. Ngage and Hotwheels are on inaccurate chassis. learn chassis types before you start building please for chrissake.
    now everyone can go Larry Jaruzel mode
  4. and it's dookie. He's talking about another project you absolute dork.
  5. Was waiting to post this until the fate of @KillSwitchwas revealed. Buuut yeah. Mopar or NoCar baby. Still needs some work done, including properly editing the front swaybars so that they function, and recoloring the engine.
  6. WIP using a Mopar Magic I asked @KillSwitchto make for me for a tour, and Mike Bev's Little Tiger paint. Based off of Stimson's The Ripper.
  7. Name: Cora Solera Truck: Rottweiler Allen Discord: Cora (She/Her)#1312
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