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  1. and it's dookie. He's talking about another project you absolute dork.
  2. That’s because it’s ancient and doesn’t work with the modern game. Download Sweg’s version instead.
  3. Was waiting to post this until the fate of @KillSwitchwas revealed. Buuut yeah. Mopar or NoCar baby. Still needs some work done, including properly editing the front swaybars so that they function, and recoloring the engine.
  4. WIP using a Mopar Magic I asked @KillSwitchto make for me for a tour, and Mike Bev's Little Tiger paint. Based off of Stimson's The Ripper.
  5. Name: Cora Solera Truck: Rottweiler Allen Discord: Cora (She/Her)#1312
  6. Name: Cora Solera Truck: Max-D Fire Backup Truck Choice 1: Avenger Backup Truck Choice 2: Monster Mutt (King) Discord: Cora (She/Her)#1312
  7. Name: Cora Solera Truck: North Country Bandit Truck Link: DM Discord: Cora (She/Her)#1312
  8. Name: Cora Solera Truck: North Country Bandit Truck Link: DM Discord: Cora (She/Her)#1312
  9. 1. Sign Up format is: Name: Cora Solera Truck: Grave Digger The Legend Link: Coming Soon Discord: Cora (She/Her)#1312
  10. Modern MTT show made using a bunch of breakables and crush cars, on Texas Monster Shootout 2010 (with new obstacles added to make it actually interesting lol). The lineup is: Jester, Kraken, Rage, Avenger, Aftershock, Krazy Train, Rat Nasty, Gunslinger, Rap Attack, Bigfoot, Heavy Hitter, and Jus Get Er Done II
  11. King Krunch and NCB are the projects in this photo lol.
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