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    Sweet lookin ride man! 🤘
  1. Version 1.0.0


    Here is The Patriot! Please leave me comments if there is anything I missed or made an error on. You may notice the tailgate is gone in the 2009 version but that is only because it got in the way of the flag. All of the body paint was hand drawn so I really hope you guys enjoy this one.
    Seriously another Orlando 2021 track? cmon I know you are better than this. Get creative at least. If you’re capable of that. Same tracks every week is getting a bit old bro. I’m looking forward to new tracks every week but instead I’m getting repaints. Not cool. Thumbs down from me
  2. Version 1.0.0


    Finally a Grave Digger that isnt slammed! This truck is killer at racing, Enjoy! - - - built off of a Sweg truck, tires from the avenger 2019 pack & the body along with the rest are from BLZ 2019 GD35!
  3. Driver: ANDREW MARTINEZ (Androcks) Series you hope to get drafted to: Malicious monster truck tour Years in competition: 1 1/2 years Discord: Fullsendvizzy#5986
  4. Driver Name: Andrew Martinez Truck Name: Bakugan fullsendvizzy#5986
  5. sounds good 👌🏻
  6. Hmu on discord Androcks #5986 I'm down to drive. Son uvA digger or max d
  7. Help. Yes they work in single player but game crashes in multiplayer
  8. Androcks


    Multiplayer crashes when I choose a map
  9. WINNER OF THE TOUR WILL WIN A PRIZE THAT IS WORTH UP TO $50 Atlanta 2016 Fs1 Syracuse 2017 El Paso 2019 Salinas 2015 Metlife 2019 World finals TBA DISCORD IS: Androcks #5986 dm for more info.
  10. Put it into mods. Add my discord Androcks#5986
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