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  1. Name: Broken Thompson Truck: Molotov Discord: Broken_machine92#1786 Download Link : Truck Song (Optional): Year Debuted : 2019 Body Type: 1996 Ford Bronco Hometown : Berlin NH
  2. Team Name: Molotov Motorsports Team Headquarters: Subway (Berlin NH) Discord (Team Captain): Broken_machine92#1786 Driver 1 (Captain): Broken Thompson Driver 2: Logan Wollard (Sign up coming soon) Driver 3 : Dillon Kearns Driver 4 : Gavin Dirschell
  3. Version 1.0.0


    My ride for the upcoming TMB Truck Fest and NAMT !!NOT A OPEN CUSTOM!! if i miscredited anyone please dm me on discord @Broken_machine92#1786 oh and also my first truck on sim yay!
  4. Name: Broken Thompson Discord: @Broken_machine92#1786 Truck: Molotov Download Link: Freestyle Song (YouTube Link): Year Debuted: 2019
    The best thing ever released om Sim-Monsters
  5. Full Name:Broken Thompson Truck: Pouncer Hometown:Berlin NH Discord Name:Broken_machine92#1786 Years in Competition:1.5
  6. Full Name:Broken ThompsonTruck:bounty hunterHometown:Berlin NHDiscord Name:Broken_machine92#1786Years in Competition:1.5
    Absolutely amazing! Great handling, great looks, everything! Love that there are more and more leaf spring trucks/penda trucks being released lately! Hopefully there will be more to come. Love the work you've been doing, keep up the good work!
    Wow man, this is absolutely amazing! It's awesome that people are keeping penda era trucks alive. Really the only thing i can find that's off is that the truck has to much body roll, but I'm 99% sure that's because it ran like that. So this is basically a perfect truck. Keep up the good work man! We need more of there's types of truck on here.
  7. This is the most cursed truck on here...
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