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  1. Version 1.0.0


    My ride for XMT, All credits to @Nick Worthmen
  2. Izzy Martinez Grave Digger (Tyler) Monster Energy (Sims) oh runni#7229
  3. Name- Izzy Martinez Truck - Black Pearl Truck Link- TBD Backup Truck - Nitro Menace discord - oh runni#7229
    One of the worst Grave Digger's I've ever seen on sims. Handles horribly, sway bars make me sick. I say stick to hosting and you are not even good at that.
    Good tracks, my opinion is we don't let people without brains write a review.
  4. Name: Izzy Martinez Truck: Scarlet Bandit Discord : oh_runni#7229
  5. Name : Izzy Martinez Truck : Renegade Truck Link : https://www.mediafire.com/file/ohc5388w6gfwxph/Renegade2021.zip/file Discord : oh runni#7229 Theme :
  6. Name : Izzy Martinez Truck : Renegade Discord : oh runni#7229 Links : I’ll dm to lazy
  7. Name : Izzy Truck: Bakugan Dragonoid Link: Private Discord: oh runni #7229
  8. Signup FormatName: Izzy MartinezTruck: Energy ToddBackup Truck Choice 1: Megalodon AdamBackup Truck Choice 2: Zombie BariDiscord: oh runni#7229
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