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    great truck and work need 5 stars
    very great monster truck very realistic but the control are very hard but its a awesome truck very good work
  1. please a photo of the truck body and the tires and the chassis
  2. good tutorial but how to change the graphic of the body the logo of the truck without changing the body ?
  3. nice build its very difficult and long to build a monster truck chassis
  4. put this in the truck request and had description of the chassis body and the tires and more picture
    very nice truck and this are a good base for a new war wizard and please make a new war wizard with this truck
  5. Name: spellcaster and sin city crusher Body: willys pro mod 41 pick up Chassis:idk its long chassis Paint (images of color/graphics): tires: goodyear tires spellcaster and the sin city crusher are same trucks in fact the chassis was bought back because of back problems of tg short the driver it had a very difficult history it was unfortunate destroyed during a fire in a truck trailer in 2013 I still do not know if the crew rebuilt the chassis after the fire and if the truck works again and if it has been repaired I would like someone to make this truck for ror because I like it very much with spellcaster and sin city anyone now what has become the sin city crusher crew https://monstertruck.fandom.com/wiki/Sin_City_Crusher
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