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  1. Upd: Made the field and did surprisingly well! Eighth in racing and Seventh in freestyle, taking home 6th in the overall event in my first ever ROR show!!spacer.png

  2. Well, sadly, as of right now for RORSPS DuQuoin, I missed the field by two one-thousandths of a second. Awesome qualifying effort, but at the same time that will be 5 for 5 in ROR DNQs. I was glad to have some great support from some people who showed their displeasure that I was knocked out. That means a lot to know that even though I'm new, I've still got some people backing me up. Thanks to everybody for the support, and I'll be back at Houston for RORSPS unless I get lucky and make St. Louis and then Houston. I will be back in Jekyll & Hyde! Maybe somebody won't show up and I'll make the field, we will see!


  3. Hi to those reading this! I've been looking into making a custom truck, but the tutorials available on sim-monsters have not really helped me much because I'm not the brightest. I'm confused on how to even start, how to make it, how to paint it properly, and how to make setups for the truck, and although I've tried a few tutorials, I haven't had any luck because I'm still confused on how to even begin or where to go. Are there any good tutorials on how to make trucks, make setups, and paint trucks? Is there anybody willing to teach me how to do these things? Thanks!
  4. Here's my stats after a fourth DNQ in a fourth attempt at a ROR show. Will be hoping to make the field at DuQuoin next week, that's my home state. 


  5. Had a fast truck for RORSPS Virginia Beach. Was able to run a 28.21


    Unfortunately, I used my keyboard instead of my controller for qualifying and have successfully gone 4 for 4 in ROR Event DNQs after running a 29.34. Devastation is the word of the day. I spent hours on end practicing, and knew i had a truck that could make it. 


    I will try again at RORSPS St. Louis next week.

  6. Another rough run, as I go 3 for 3 in DNQs for ROR event attempts. Missed the field in the RORSPS event at Orlando by a long shot. I am looking forward to attempting to make the field next week as the RORSPS takes on Virginia Beach. Practice makes perfect!

    Here's my rough career stats so far. spacer.png

  7. Attempted to qualify for RORSPS Orlando...way off the pace. Nearly 3 entire seconds, actually. Looks like I'm gonna go 3 for 3 in ROR DNQs if things keep up.

  8. UPD: I did not make the field for the RORSPS season opener at Atlanta. A whopping 40 trucks attempted to qualify, and I was nowhere close to making the field. I needed to make 16th, I qualified 30th, 0.94 seconds off of making the field. Thanks to all the mods and officials and track creators for their hard work on this series, I'll try it again next event at Orlando with Jekyll and Hyde!

    Here's my career so far in ROR....not the best but I'll work on it!


  9. Attempted to qualify for Atlanta in the RORSPS...Sitting 10th/18 on the board after day 1 of quals with an 18.953...only top 16 make the field. I'm gonna need a miracle to make the field with 22 trucks still left to go for day 2. 

  10. Name (First and Last): Jonah Ylhainen Truck: Jekyll & Hyde Truck link: Discord: Vortex Chaos#3524
  11. Well, I attempted to make the field for the Star-Spangled Spectacular 2021. Was my first ever attempt at a Rigs of Rods event. Was a great opportunity, but unfortunately a qualifying time of 41.23 was nowhere close to making the field. I'll try it again in the future! Thanks to all the moderators and content creators for their hard work for this event.

  12. Name: Jonah Ylhainen Truck: Over Bored 2018 BKTs Discord: Vortex Chaos#3524 Theme Song:
  13. Wish I knew how to make stuff to upload. Of course there's tutorials but I'm really lazy. I'll get to it eventually. One day i'd like to compete in a ROR league part time...maybe NAMT or something. That's one of my dreams 

  14. Rigs of Rods and Sim Monsters have really helped me reimburse myself back into the love of Monster Jam and Monster Trucks, something that had been falling off for a while. I stopped watching every episode in around 2014 or 2015 when the stadium championships became a thing. Now I feel like I've been more involved in Monster Trucks than I have in a long time, like the days when i was younger when I'd watch every episode from 2009-2012. 

  15. Having some fun with Sim-Monsters V4! This time, Phoenix 2011. 

    Note - I did not make the track or the trucks.

    Note 2: I used FDNY instead of McGruff.

    track link: https://sim-monsters.com/files/file/3704-2009-2011-track-pack-minneapolis-2009-dec-orlando-2009-tampa-2010-and-phoenix-2011/




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