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  1. Bit of progress made on things I'm able to do in ROR. Today I learned successfully how to convert tracks. Some track conversions worked, but some ended up blank when I joined the maps, so still a bit of learning to do on that portion. Currently just converting 2013 tracks to 0.4. So far, San Diego 2013 and Orlando 2013 have worked perfectly for freestyle. I also have Anaheim 2013 racing converted. 

    Edit: Fixed the blank tracks. I have a ton of 2013 .4 converted tracks now. 

  2. Did not make the field in the XMT season opener, as expected. Was the third slowest qualifier. Will move on to the next event.

  3. Now even better, along with competing in Carolina Crusher in XMT, I will also be competing in Just Get Er Done II in RORSCS. So great to be able to run both leagues, just trying to have some fun.

  4. Name: Jonah Ylhainen Truck: Just Get Er Done Backup truck: Monster Energy (I can only make tuesdays) Discord: Vortex Chaos#3524
  5. Will be competing in Carolina Crusher for XMT this season. Super excited for my second ever league attempt in Rigs of Rods. RORSPS was a success for me personally, and I'm looking forward to what XMT has to offer. Can't wait to chill with some more folks. Just gotta work on making the fields and making progress on freestyle runs.

  6. Yesterday was awesome!

    I was called up last minute because another contender could not make the RORSPS World Finals, so I was called in as a replacement. I had not practiced for racing, so I got last.  

    For freestyle, I wanted to go big to show my gratitude for having the opportunity to meet everybody, and also for all of the hard work put into this new season of RORSPS. I full sent my first jump, lost the truck but pulled a full on 11 second save in arguably the best save of the season before flipping over. Regardless of flipping over early, I was super pumped up. Super excited to now head into XMT!spacer.png

  7. Name: Wildcard Body: Ford F-350 Super Duty. However, 250 would work as well. Chassis: DKP Other details: This would be a great addition for the available downloads to use for Sim-Monsters.com. If you want to work with me on this, feel free to message my discord Vortex Chaos#3524. I can have somebody paint the body I just need somebody to put it together. Tires: BKT or just default tires without BKT would be fine. Both would be cool. Paint: I can have somebody do the painting of the body, however if somebody else wants to do the painting be my guest, here's what the truck looks like:
  8. Did not sadly make the field in my final attempt in the RORSPS at Del Mar. Made two big mistakes that I shouldn't have made, but that stuff happens. Thanks to all the RORSPS officials for the opportunity to run, and thanks to Blake Thompson for helping with the shock setup on Jekyll & Hyde. Especially thanks to all the new people I was able to meet and greet. 

    Looking forward to XMT coming up, I don't know how many shows I'll make there but I'm gonna try to make as many as possible. Here's the results of the journey so far:


  9. Made the field for the second time this season in the RORSPS! Ended up in a close finish for round 1, but ended up barely losing. Had a decent run in Freestyle, but could've been better. Still awesome to make the field and looking forward to doing it again in Del Mar!! Thanks to everybody for the support!


  10. UPD as of August 31st, 2021 - Still looking for someone willing to give me a hand if willing/possible! For the black version: Name: Backdraft Body: Dodge Ram (firetruck) Chassis: CRD Engine: 536 Merlin, any engine is fine though. I'm not one for specifics. Tires: Terra/BKT Other details: Working lights would be cool, but I doubt that anybody would be willing to put in the time to do that haha. I'm requesting a truck because I'm trying to sign up for XMT in a replica but pretty much all the replicas available are taken in the bronze category, so this is sort of a last resort cuz i don't know how to make a truck. For the regular version: Name: Backdraft Body: Custom International Firetruck Chassis: CRD Engine: Merlin 536 Tires: BKTs or firestones.
  11. Well, rotten luck again, missed the field in the RORSPS at Houston! I was so close to making the field! I'll be back spacer.pngat Glendale!

  12. you are AWESOME!! Thank you so very much!
  13. Upd: Made the field and did surprisingly well! Eighth in racing and Seventh in freestyle, taking home 6th in the overall event in my first ever ROR show!!spacer.png

  14. Well, sadly, as of right now for RORSPS DuQuoin, I missed the field by two one-thousandths of a second. Awesome qualifying effort, but at the same time that will be 5 for 5 in ROR DNQs. I was glad to have some great support from some people who showed their displeasure that I was knocked out. That means a lot to know that even though I'm new, I've still got some people backing me up. Thanks to everybody for the support, and I'll be back at Houston for RORSPS unless I get lucky and make St. Louis and then Houston. I will be back in Jekyll & Hyde! Maybe somebody won't show up and I'll make the field, we will see!


  15. Hi to those reading this! I've been looking into making a custom truck, but the tutorials available on sim-monsters have not really helped me much because I'm not the brightest. I'm confused on how to even start, how to make it, how to paint it properly, and how to make setups for the truck, and although I've tried a few tutorials, I haven't had any luck because I'm still confused on how to even begin or where to go. Are there any good tutorials on how to make trucks, make setups, and paint trucks? Is there anybody willing to teach me how to do these things? Thanks!
  16. Here's my stats after a fourth DNQ in a fourth attempt at a ROR show. Will be hoping to make the field at DuQuoin next week, that's my home state. 


  17. Had a fast truck for RORSPS Virginia Beach. Was able to run a 28.21


    Unfortunately, I used my keyboard instead of my controller for qualifying and have successfully gone 4 for 4 in ROR Event DNQs after running a 29.34. Devastation is the word of the day. I spent hours on end practicing, and knew i had a truck that could make it. 


    I will try again at RORSPS St. Louis next week.

  18. Another rough run, as I go 3 for 3 in DNQs for ROR event attempts. Missed the field in the RORSPS event at Orlando by a long shot. I am looking forward to attempting to make the field next week as the RORSPS takes on Virginia Beach. Practice makes perfect!

    Here's my rough career stats so far. spacer.png

  19. Attempted to qualify for RORSPS Orlando...way off the pace. Nearly 3 entire seconds, actually. Looks like I'm gonna go 3 for 3 in ROR DNQs if things keep up.

  20. UPD: I did not make the field for the RORSPS season opener at Atlanta. A whopping 40 trucks attempted to qualify, and I was nowhere close to making the field. I needed to make 16th, I qualified 30th, 0.94 seconds off of making the field. Thanks to all the mods and officials and track creators for their hard work on this series, I'll try it again next event at Orlando with Jekyll and Hyde!

    Here's my career so far in ROR....not the best but I'll work on it!


  21. Attempted to qualify for Atlanta in the RORSPS...Sitting 10th/18 on the board after day 1 of quals with an 18.953...only top 16 make the field. I'm gonna need a miracle to make the field with 22 trucks still left to go for day 2. 

  22. Name (First and Last): Jonah Ylhainen Truck: Jekyll & Hyde Truck link: Discord: Vortex Chaos#3524
  23. Well, I attempted to make the field for the Star-Spangled Spectacular 2021. Was my first ever attempt at a Rigs of Rods event. Was a great opportunity, but unfortunately a qualifying time of 41.23 was nowhere close to making the field. I'll try it again in the future! Thanks to all the moderators and content creators for their hard work for this event.

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