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  1. @diggerthechampjust uploaded a new one, Arnhem 2009. I added it to the list! Thanks Digger!
  2. WorpeX

    Extreme Overkill

    I love 90s Era monster trucks! This truck looks nearly perfect compared to the real deal and it looks amazing in game. It drives very uniquely compared to most trucks and while i'm having difficulty mastering it, its a blast to drive!
  3. Version 1.1.0


    This is Brian Bellini's Bounty Hunter! It's a reskin of Blood Sport from the Leafer Pack 2. That truck was already an almost perfect match! Always liked the look of this Bounty Hunter truck so I figured i'd get it into RoR! It's not perfect and there are a few things I might update if I ever figure out how to fix it. Until then, I'm pretty happy with how it turned out! Credits: Taurus Racer 13 for Blood Sport Construction, Diggerfan who created the MTM2 Replica which I sourced art from. Screenshot is from Indianapolis 1985 track by Diggerfan
  4. Nice one. Thank you! My fault, its World Finals 20, not 2020.
  5. Still on the hunt for more tracks with Timers! I have a lot of fun with these. If anyone knows of other tracks with timers or if a track builder can update theirs with a timer on it, let me know and I'll add it to the list!
  6. One of my favorites, thanks for the timing system!
  7. Wait, I can't find the timer start on the Time Trial track. How does this work?
    Okay track, its fun to play around on and do Freestyle. Lots of big jumps to take but not a whole not of room on the track to land it! Racing doesn't have a timer on it so not a whole lot of racing to do there unless you're online. Textures are bland. Lastly, the human guy spawns in a tiny hallway facing the wrong direction so if you forget to turn him around you'll have to do a 5 point turn to get to the track!
  8. Hey All! I'm looking for tracks with timers on for .40 and I'm hoping people can tell me which ones are good! I already know and enjoy these tracks and i'm hoping for more: World Finals 2020, XMTWF, St Louis 2020, Sim Monsters All Star Event 3, Crazy 98 Thanks!!! Edit: Here is the complete list of tracks with a working timer system: World Finals 18 World Finals 20 XMTWF WF1 Sim-Monsters All Stars 1 Sim-Monsters All Stars 2 Sim-Monsters All Stars 3 2019 Hawaii Nationals Crazy 98 St. Louis 2020 Montreal 2010 Tampa 2020 Arnhem 2009
  9. WorpeX

    Crazy 98

    Plays just like the MTM2 Crazy 98! Now I just wish we had bots to race against!
  10. Damn that Bearly Tame truck looked awesome! One of my favorite trucks from my childhood, a shame with the cancellations we may never see it in action.
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