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    Good, especially for a first track, but there is room for improvement. Getting out of the tunnel can be annoying as a lot of the walls in that area are sticky so you need to reset if you're tire touches it. My other issue is that the racing and freestyle versions of the track are basically identical apart from 1 car. No timer on the racing version either. Otherwise it looks really close to the source material.
  1. WorpeX

    Bearly Tame

    Version 1.0.0


    This pack contains 6 Bearly Tame trucks. Replica leaf-spring (bouncy) renditions of the Red 1979 Ford, the Blue 1990 F-150 and a White version which was a transition between the two. All 3 of these trucks also have an "Arcade" Rendition which drives like a modern monster truck. Feel free to use in any events/leagues History Bearly Tame was owned by Doug Spanier out of Minnesota in the late 80s to early 90s. It featured an image of a sword wielding warrior riding her noble polar bear mount on the drivers side door. The truck started its life as a Red 1979 Ford and later transitioned into its more well known blue 1990 F-150 body. The trucks name has been revived for the 2020 season by Zane Rettew, so now is a good time to showcase its origins! Commands: N: Headlights (All 6 Trucks) Ctrl + 1 Yellow Roof Lights/RII (Blue/White Trucks) Ctrl + 2 Red Roof Lights/RII (Blue/White Trucks) If I missed anyone in the credits, let me know and I'll update. Thanks and enjoy!
    Really nice job on the Blue Thunder paint, however, it feels like an odd choice to leave the head lights and grill completely un-textured. I LOVE the RII lights, having them blink on ctrl-3/4 is a cool feature. Below the body the truck is a bit of a mess though. There is no transfer case at all so the drive shafts are just floating in the air. Rear sway bar is floating as well and the links are off. Front swaybar is pretty close. Most props are missing shine textures. There are a bunch of props which are just plain black like the top part of the engine and fuel and the power switches. I think the biggest issue though is the massive amount of unused files in the .zips which ramps these two trucks up to a whopping 227mb combined. The truck does drive really nice though. It's fast and very stable in the corners.
    Awesome track! Visuals are really nice, the racing layout is unique and the timers work great.
  2. Version 1.1.0


    Time to get crazy! Rob Morris ran this truck from the late 80s to early 90s, earning himself USHRA rookie of the year along with multiple event victories. He would later use a second truck, Red Racer, as an alternate body. This repli-custom pack continues my modern re-imaginings of classic 90s monsters which began with Invader. This is my first ground up build of a truck and I'm very proud of how it turned out! Huge thanks to @Garrett Hanson for testing the truck and helping me through numerous issues! Feel free to use in any events/leagues Ctrl + 1/2 for RII If I missed anyone in the credits, let me know and I'll update. Thanks and enjoy!
    I know that this is just a conversion with nothing else done to it so basically none of this applies to the submitter but this track should have just been rebuilt. The bar has been raised a lot as far as track quality goes in sim-monsters and this track is not even close to it. The lane flags don't even have a texture on them, they're just white. The overall lack of props makes it feel barren, big and lifeless. Furthermore, its a racing track with no timing system on it. Then there is the replica aspect. Racing here doesn't capture of the feel of the real track at all, even though the general shape is correct. The original has a much longer middle dirt lane with only a slight incline with turns and the lanes that looked real tight. In this replica the dirt lane is short with a incline that makes it basically a jump ramp.
    No racing version of this track and the Freestyle is only 3 ramps so even that is pretty limited. Nice trick ramps as seen in the shootout. Visuals are really nice though. Lots of eye candy to look at! I think my biggest gripe though is if you spawn your truck immediately after loading into the track it'll spawn inside of a camper. So you gotta move your dude before spawning it.
  3. WorpeX

    Team Suzuki

    Hmm this isn't letting me access anything but the 2005 truck. When I click on the truck it just loads up the 2005 variant instead of opening up a menu list of the 3 trucks.
  4. WorpeX


    Pretty good. I love the look of the truck! The body, paint and name really make it stand out, even in a field of really unique looking monster trucks here at RoR. Its not perfect though. The shocks, which are very prominent on the truck, aren't even close to being lined up correctly. They're sitting on the knuckle instead of the axle for whatever reason. Also, the drivers left hand is floating in front of the steering wheel instead of being on it and the RII lights don't function. Anyway, those are all fairly minor in the long run. Cool truck!
  5. Hey, It seems that the bake for the standard body truck is missing from the .blend file. Apart from using the one on Outlander, is there another way to get that? Thanks!
  6. Ah, thanks! Since its not a sim-monsters tracks and its not designed specifically for Monster Trucks, I'm going to leave it off the list. Adding it would mean I should also be adding f1 test track, top gear test track, Fall Run, etc which are also timer tracks but not necessarily made for Monsters. 😉
  7. I can't seem to find Baharama on the site. Do you have a link to it?
  8. WorpeX

    KOTH: Japan

    Really unique! Fun to drive with a layout i've never seen before. Timing system works great. Floating magical pixie dust is kinda weird but definitely adds to its magical atmosphere!
    Very cool. Nice textures and the track looks good. Timer works great! Track is a bit short but I'm assuming this is a replica so nothing you can do about that. The hairpin turn is also brutal to make but thats what make it fun!
  9. @diggerthechampjust uploaded a new one, Arnhem 2009. I added it to the list! Thanks Digger!
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