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  1. If you make me a new body which is more accurate I will gladly use it. That said, I see some differences but nothing glaring or noticeable unless you're comparing side-by-side. Nothing worth me putting more hours into the body then I already have. My goal was never to make it perfect, I just don't have the time for that. I'd rather use what little time I have to continue developing the body lift, getting started on the 1991 variant and making the Harper trucks.
  2. That's what is supposed to happen. You'll need to convert it using the converter that comes with RoR. Just drop the .mesh.xml right on top the of the "OgreXMLConverter.exe" in your RoR directory.
  3. Paint is done. Oh, and the body lift is working too!
  4. Thunder Chicken had the coolest rims ever! Just finished making them and I think they're gorgeous! At this point I think the chassis pretty close to being replica accurate. I also think the front end is starting to look real close to the original! Body still needs some work though as does the cabin. I really disliked the logo I made so I scrapped it and plan to start over with that. Progress has gotten pretty slow.... Also building the Harper truck has slowed progress down on the Leafer...
  5. Nope! Unlike Beam you can pretty much just download whatever tracks or trucks you like and there aren't any required add-ons. This wasn't always true, I would stay away from anything listed under "archived content" for that reason.
    Leafers always need more love! The track is a ton of fun to drive on. I do wish there was a timer, but you used Bounty Hunter in your pictures so I'll give it a pass! I really need to re-do that truck...
  6. Huh. I'm not sure, I tried it on a clean install of RoR and tried it with different graphics settings and couldn't replicate the issue. Does it maybe work on a different tire? Ice Breaker has 2 tire options cause I got sick of staring at the snow tires after 2 events.
  7. Version 1.0.0


    When Ford announced it would bring the Bronco back, my first thought was... "Wonder what No Problem! would look like on that?" Thus, this project was born and the answer to my burning question was answered. Turns out, it looks really cool! Maybe one day John Moore will allow the name to be run again. The Trucks No Problem! 2021 - No Problem! Was a series of Ford Bronco trucks driven by John Moore from 1988 to 1993. Repli-custom. WildTrak - The WildTrak is an upgrade package for the 2021 Ford Bronco. Open Custom. Miss Di.Meanor - Originally was a Micro Machines toy and a No Problem repaint. It was also the only truck I built for MTM2 and now seemed like a good time to put it into RoR. Open Custom. Big Mudder - Also an old toy remake. This one by Majorette. I always loved its reflective green color and thought it would look really nice in RoR! Ice Breaker II - Built as my RORSPS ride, now with 100% less santa hats. Not an open custom. Commands CTRL+1 RII Red CTRL+2 RII Yellow CTRL+3 Blue Lane Indicator (v4 Only) CTRL+4 Green Lane Indicator (v4 Only) Reverse for back-up light! Other Additional Body Credit goes to whoever created the 2021 Bronco model and made it Free on Sketchup, no author was credited. It was heavily modified by me for use with RoR and to fit on a monster truck chassis. Thanks to @Wambofor the No Problem! logo If I missed anyone in the credits, let me know and I'll update. If you like the truck or have issues, please leave a review or a comment below! Thanks and enjoy!
    I have been waiting for probably a year for someone to make a fun straight-line course with a timer on it. THANKS!!!!!
  8. I made a short(ish) video, hopefully this helps get you started! I did this completely off the cuff and only did some minor editing. Hopefully its coherent.
  9. I made a short(ish) video, hopefully this helps get you started! I did this completely off the cuff and only did some minor editing. Hopefully its coherent.
  10. Unfortunately I don't have a lot of time right now and the time I do have is going to Thunder Chicken. I would love to contribute to truck pack if you're starting one, but I'm not going to do the whole thing myself. Are you planning on making any?
  11. Thunder Chicken is a leafer. Monster Wars pack would be cool, there are a couple of trucks in there that I'd like to build. I think a few of them are done though like Taurus & Grave Digger. I could also make a more accurate Invader for this as the one I made was only my second ever truck - feel like I've improved a lot since building it. I think someone was working on the Equalizer from this era, although I haven't seen a recent update of it and I forget who was working on it, i'd have to dig through discord.
  12. Yep, I'm currently working on Thunder Chicken!
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