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  1. I completely forgot that I was supposed to work on these for you, glad you were able to get it done! For something that looks like it should be pretty simple, that's a good amount of work. Nice job!
  2. Couple of Bronco Skins. WildTrak is the top end Bronco model and I used the graphics package as inspiration. Lots of plastic and I tried to make it look like that in the truck. BIG MUDDER is a custom skin, I'd be shocked if anyone knows where I got the inspiration from. Its real shiny, doesn't look great in pictures because of that. MISS DI.MEANOR is started, but the paint is giving me trouble so its not ready to show.
  3. Less artsy, more clear image of the 2021 No Problem! updated it to make it look a lot more like its 1993 counterpart. I might attempt to change the color of the axle to yellow (surprisingly hard on NAMT) but otherwise its essentially done. I'm hoping to make a few more skins on this body next. We're coming up on the 1 year anniversary of my first ever monster truck build, Miss Di.Meanor for MTM2. Since that truck was a re-skin of No Problem, it only makes sense to finally bring it over into RoR as well to celebrate! I've got some other skin ideas in mind too, we'll see how far I get.
  4. Ford unveiled the new Bronco for 2021 and all I could think about was what a new "No Problem!" would look like on it! Pretty darn cool I'd say!
  5. My 2 cents from someone who joined the community less then a year ago. So far, I've loved being apart of this community, but what I liked the most about it and what has kept me as an active member was the Discord server. Had these ideas which are being implemented been in place a year ago when I joined, I would likely not be here today to write this. First off, I do like the idea of creating a new discord server which is linked to the sim-monsters. That will be great for keeping the riff-raff off of the discord and also keep discord linked to the site in a meaningful way. It will als
    I had a lot of graphical glitches the first time I loaded the Show 1 Racing track. I restarted the game and then tried Show 1 Freestyle which worked great. I tried Racing again and it was fine. Weird. Anyway, timer works splendidly and the track is fun! I can't even drive on Show 2 Freestyle, even at slow speed. The truck just gets no traction and slides around. Show 2 Racing works much better. I can drive the truck around and it feels like I'm driving on mud. However, there isn't anything visually that makes it look like I'm driving on mud. Kinda weird sliding around on a track which loo
  6. Okay, tournament is over. Thanks to everyone who submit an entry! Due to lack of submissions I will judge this as fair as possible by myself. The winner is... @WorpeX with Bearly Tame winning all of the categories, even the ones it wasn't eligible for. This truck was truly in a class above all the other contest trucks. The construction and the paint were fantastic. It had some new props on it and unique lane indicators. The truck is also very close to its real life replica! It was like the other trucks in this contest were non-existent compared to the real life truck. J
  7. Version 1.0.0


    Its the Holiday Season again! Celebrate the end of 2020 with this frosty holiday ride - ICE BREAKER! The truck features a big snowplow at the front, a holiday wreath on the grill and most importantly - Santa's Hat! The Trucks This pack features 4 different trucks. ICE BREAKER XMAS (V4) ICE BREAKER XMAS (NAMT) ICE BREAKER (V4) (Plow Only) ICE BREAKER (NAMT) (Plow Only) Commands CTRL+1 RII Red CTRL+2 RII Yellow Credits Santa Hat by LuxXeon on Deviant Art XMas Bells by LuxXeon on Deviant Art Snow Plow by ReVerse-engineering on cgtra
  8. Pushing the deadline for submissions to Monday the 28th @DjTerronF@Garrett Hanson@Rocco@Hydroツ@RORMADNESS@zero_mass@TheOnlyTjrich
  9. DEADLINE FOR SUBMISSIONS IS MONDAY How is everyone feeling about getting their trucks submitted in time? Will the deadline need to be extended?
  10. Bearly Tame 2020 released! Obviously only the V4 Replica is eligible for this contest. Also, there is still time to sign-up to participate! Not much time to build left though.
  11. Version 1.0.0


    Bearly Tame is back in the Monster Truck world for the first time in nearly 30 years! Now running in the Rettew Racing Team, its driven by Joe Lockhart. The truck participated in the Renegade Monster Truck Tour in 2020. The Trucks The Pack features two distinct trucks. The 2020 Replica and a custom featuring the original 90s Bearly Tame paint on the 2020 chassis. Bearly Tame 2020 Replica Bearly Tame 2020 Retro-Custom Both trucks have a v4 and a NAMT variant. Commands CTRL+1 RII Red CTRL+2 RII Yellow CTRL+3 Blue Lane Indicator (v4 Only) CTRL+4 G
  12. About 3 weeks left! Here is what we have so far: BUILDER Rookie Eligible? Prize Eligible? TRUCK 1 TRUCK 2 TRUCK 3 GarrettHanson✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ#6568 No No Doom's Day (Pablo) WF 16 El Toro Loco (Lupe Soza Salinas 2015) Hydroツ#6457 Yes No Son Uva Digger 3 R.O.RMadness#0243 No No El Toro Loco 2019 Terr
    Track itself is amazing as always! I do have an issue with the checkpoints though. After you take the jump and go around the second corner to take your second pass, if your truck even gets slightly too far left and grazes the white finish line the timer considers it a complete run and the time ends. Could have used a 5th checkpoint near the final turn to fix this. Edit: Thanks for the update!
    Amazing work as always! The whole NAMT series of tracks is just perfection. Love the layout of this track, it really feels like its tuned specifically for these NAMT trucks cause they're really fun to drive here! A super minor issue i've noticed is that if you're a little too far to the left on the ramp jump you could completely miss the checkpoint. It's possible this is intended, but it's a little annoying. Just gotta make sure you don't get too far to the left!
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