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  1. Hi, so alot of the trucks that have been created on here are awesome but is there a way to convert a truck that has V4 settings to full NAMT settings with the sounds as well? Thanks in advance.
  2. Looks great. This is just my picky eyes but it looks like the cage height is a little short. I wish i could drag an image to show but I still don't know how to do that 😕
    If you can make a version of this with NAMT settings that would be great. Love the trucks, other than that.
    It says I can't download this securely for some reason.
  3. Name: Grave Digger 33 Body: 1950 Chevy Panel Chassis: Cohen/Inhouse Engine: 540 merlin big block Other details: Using the new NAMT settings https://imgur.com/fUyhKtG
  4. Ok, thanks for making me aware of that. My bad. Unfortunately as I'm trying to edit the post, I'm trying to delete multiple images, which I cannot; and I have like zero clue how to size them down or do the imgur stuff. *Edit* - Figured it out, thanks for the catch.
  5. Name: Toxic Body: 2010 Ford Super Duty Paint: Black, green, bright red, orange Chassis: The Metal Shop Other: 540ci Merlin Engine, 2 Speed Coan Transmission *Note - This truck is not finished yet, so this request may be a little premature* https://imgur.com/2LnU6WL
  6. The Carolina Crusher from the Harper camp is actually a racesource chassis, the one Shane England used to have. The shock towers have been overhauled since Harper's owned it however.
  7. Well Ryan has been driving a CRD now since 1st quarter began. But technically yes the fire design came out when ryan drove the cohen
  8. Sweet so far. A little suggestion, I'm not sure if you're going for the most current digger scheme but the Adam and Ryan tombstone has Krysten on it now.
    The trucks turned out awesome, however they have no sounds.
  9. Some of us might need an updated tutorial when you get a minute, there's a newer version of blender out and this video is slightly outdated.
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