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    Outstanding track as always!!
  1. Name: Brandon Adam Truck: Bear Foot Discord: Brandon Adam#7021 Truck Link: https://sim-monsters.com/files/file/3791-bear-foot-2021-harper
  2. Name: Brandon Adam Truck: Bear Foot Discord: Brandon Adam#7021 Truck Link: https://sim-monsters.com/files/file/3791-bear-foot-2021-harper/
    Very interesting and fun chicago-style course! Love how the track can switch from tacky to slippery; you really need to find that balancing point between driving aggressively and using throttle control in the corners. Also like the usage of past obstacles, such as the car/bus stacks, tankers and the motorhome!
  3. Name (First and Last): Brandon Sagram Truck: Grinder (2013) Truck Link: Discord: Brandon Adam#7021
    Krazy Kabbage go c r o m c h
  4. Name (First and last): Brandon Adam Truck: Dirt Crew Discord: Brandon Adam#7021 Theme song: AC/DC - Thunderstruck (idk if I could use this bc of copyright) Link to truck: https://www.mediafire.com/file/i15jauc2ow4xbpw/DirtCrewQuadChaos2020CustomKG.zip/file
  5. Name: Brandon Adam Truck: Blue Thunder Truck Link: Sim-Monsters Discord: Brandon Adam#7021
  6. Brandon Adam Fiberwerx Trophy Truck Brandon Adam#7021
    Finally a PEI Boob & Toob! Handling is amazing, probably my most favorite PEI truck on Sim-Monsters at the moment
    Speed & Skill track is nice with the St. Louis style grip. Lots of perfect send opportunities, and a lot of open space to keep your momentum flowin. Love the track!
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