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    This is an amazing truck, especially for a first truck! Would you like to work on a truck together?
  1. I edited the texture and followed the steps, but the texture won't show. Can you please help me?
  2. Sorry, I think I did this wrong. I'm gonna redo my sign-up. Name - The Fiend Truck - Nitemare Link - Backup Truck - Shocker Discord - Waluigi#5421
  3. Does that include Bad Boy Bigfoot? I have the body for Zane Rettew's version of Boogey Van (I edited a free model from Roblox). https://ufile.io/9dqvvc13
  4. Name: The Fiend Truck: Time Flys Truck Link: Backup Truck: Vendetta Discord: Waluigi#5421
  5. It looks even better than before! You hit another home run with this one!
    Finally, Vendetta is on Sim-Monsters! I was just looking for this truck yesterday! Also, it handles great!
  6. Could someone please make the logos for Sniper?
  7. Would anyone like to work on making a truck with me? I'm not able to model because Blender doesn't want to work right, but I can try to do some textures.
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