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  1. Replace the hot wheels banner with the Lost Kitties banner Arnhem in the 2018 format
  2. Name: Arnhem 2018 Venue: Gelredome Racing Style: Chicago style Replica Or Custom: Custom Date Ran: Custom Images/Graphics: unfortunately I don’t have any Other details: 2018 banners with Lost Kitties banner Here’s the Lost Kitties banner I DID READ THE REQUEST GUIDE SO DONT SEND THAT TO ME
  3. Name: Lost Kitties monster truck Body: 2008 Ford F-150 Engine: 540ci Merlin Transmission: Coan 2-speed Chassis: CRD Tires: BKT 2nd Generation tires Images/Graphics:
  4. Name: Dogecoin Truck: Del Scorcho Link: Private Discord: Dogecoin711DelTaco
  5. Jetix, Del Scorcho, Answers: wildfire and yeti can’t be made because I don’t have Blender Sparkle Smash has already been made it’s Private tho same with Racing Stripes I don’t have Blender Calavera is easy I just take a F150 body and slap the decals on Queen Bee is also easy FullCharge hot Wheels wf19 body is the closest to the body OCD Meltdown was made by me
  6. Me: *Stares at Monster Energy* Paint.net or GIMP to repaint the tires from white
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