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    Truly a scrap heap worth some respect.
    For a World Finals track, for any league in general, it's rather boring. It's still good, but just not for a Finals.
    It would be better if NAMT had a different colour scheme than last year
  1. I've never done one before, but it would be fun to host one. Tracks ideas, rules, and trucks would be decided if I get enough people interested.
  2. So, can I use these in my YouTube freestyle series?
  3. I tried learning to use blender, but I am hot trash at it. So, I wanted to ask if anybody would be willing to make me a custom World Finals Track. I would provide the layout and colour scheme, all you have to do is make it.
  4. It tells me that my limit file size is zero, so how can I upload content?
  5. So Would somebody be able to make a Monster Jam Track @ Bills Stadium/Former New Era Field? I've been wanting it to happen for a while so I may as well ask.
    One of my favorite tracks! Nice obstacle placement and lots of room for variety in shows!
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