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  1. 14 downloads

    A custom truck running in my YouTube Series. Before you say: "Oh gosh and golly gee! The body does not fit on the chassis! This is TERRIBLE!" Yes, that is intentional. The bars sticking out of the front and back in my opinion add something to the design. Besides, nobody complains when trucks like bounty hunter are too small. NOT AN OPEN CUSTOM! Credits: Wrap: SM People/Monsterjam507yt (Thats what I was told to say anyway) Chassis: Outlawed (the max-d pack 2016 chassis) Paint: Done by Me Zoomies3 Sounds: JJRAYX9 (Who Is INNOCENT) Midwest Tires Created By: TJ.J, Painted by Me
  2. seriously why had nobody made this yet
  3. I was wondering how to move a particle effect on a truck, for example: Putting Dragon's fire effect to where it shoots out of the flamethrower in the front.
    I think this may be the best thing ever uploaded
    It's visually smooth and very nice to drive on. Looking forward to your future projects!
  4. Version 1.0.0


    It's a repli custom of Swegliner's Holiday Basher, and one of my many rides.
    Very simplistic, but still an effective track with lots of big air opportunities
    that's great n' all, but now we need houston and orlando
  5. It would be amazing if you could do World Finals 9, because this is on of the best tracks I've driven on
    finally a remake of this amazing track!
  6. the only problem I see is that I can't be Zane Rettew and wreck the announcer's booth
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