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  1. Is it going to be on NAMT settings? If so can there also be a v4 version?
  2. Im sure theres a body out there someone could modify
    Very nice looking and handling trucks! Can we get Stinger Unleashed too?
  3. I'm a relative newcomer to the Sim Monsters and Rigs of Rods Community, so it would mean a lot if anybody would want to participate. If anybody is interested, comment and if enough people sign up we can decide on the track and stuff
  4. Is it Anaheim Style racing or St. Louis style Racing?
  5. It would be nice if the moving G actually WORKED and DIDNT crash the game.
  6. Also why doesn't the sound work, does it need a separate sound file?
  7. I mean yes, it does have a tarnished reputation from that incident, but it's still a cool truck.
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