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  1. Tampa 2020 also has a timer.
  2. Name: Aaron Lurie Truck: Reserve Hometown: Philadelphia, PA Discord Name: Aaron Lurie#4836 Years in Competition: 9
  3. Full Name: Aaron LurieTruck (and variation if necessary): InstigatorHometown: Philadelphia, PADiscord Name: Aaron Lurie#4836Years in Competition: 9
  4. A couple work in progress tracks. Still need to add some banners and other details to Metlife Stadium and add the blobs to the turn cars And this is far from done, but I'm getting somewhere
  5. AaronLurie

    KOTH: Aztec

  6. 689 downloads

    This is the track for the first event of the Sim-Monsters All Star Challenge Credit: @DannyMackey Stadium Model, Various Models, TestMobile Car Models @Double.D ッ Team banners @AaronLurie Track model and Paint Textures.com - Various textures Turbosquid - Picnic Table This track is only guaranteed to work on ROR Version 2020.01 and newer
  7. Two can play at that game. Yours looks great though.
  8. https://www.rigsofrods.org/download
  9. As it says in big red text, you need the latest version of ROR.
  10. 1,292 downloads

    I made this track. These people helped: @maxdman - Various textures and models @Chris B - Pirate ship model and textures @RockCrwlr - Original stadium props and textures @DannyMackey - Grip settings, file organizing, and car models (Testmobile) @AaronLurie - Stadium model, track model and textures As well as these individuals for testing and moral support: @Jack Merkle @Double.D ッ Also, thank you to the various people who sent me updated Monster Jam graphics. Thank you and enjoy! You need to be running the latest version of ROR for this track to work
  11. can u help me with world finals 4 theres cars in where the double backflip ramp is


  12. That's just the mesh for the race checkpoints. They arent necessary and the track is actually better and cleaner without them.
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