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  1. Aaron Lurie Malicious Monster Truck Tour 10 Aaron Lurie#4836
  2. Did you get my discord invite?

  3. Where is the Track and Truck request section?

  4. View File Royal Farms Arena 2020 Model Here it is. Big thanks to @Edyfor a lot of the amazing textures on this track. I left the modifiers unapplied to make it easier to re-texture the model. The arena was painted black in late 2018, so if you are making a replica from 2018 or prior, you will need to recolor the black concrete to make it more accurate. BEFORE YOU EXPORT, SELECT ALL OBJECTS FOR THE ARENA, HIT ALT+C AND SELECT MESH FROM CURVE/META/SURF/TEXT This will properly apply all modifiers for the export. As always, I have included
  5. 1,654 downloads

    @Edy and I have been working on this for a little bit. They're pretty fun. DISLCAIMER: THE ORIGINAL MODEL FOR THIS CAME FROM MX VS ATV @Edy did a lot of the changes to the original model to make it better represent the Monster Jam Speedsters. This node beam was built completely from scratch by @Edy and I, with @DannyMackey providing assistance with the submesh, and @Wambo assisting early on in the project. Installation Directions Install Speedsters.zip and MJSpeedsterSkins.skinzip to your mods folder or whatever subfolder you install your vehicles to. Make sure to keep
  6. 751 downloads

    Big thanks to @Edyfor helping big time on the textures for this. His work really helped transform the track. A couple disclaimers: -This track will probably suffer on performance for some of your computers. Turn off shadows and lower your settings to improve FPS. If there is a large demand, I may consider adding an FPS version. -Some of the truck background graphics came from Steel Titans -Some of the models, such as the lights and speakers came from CGTrader and Turbosquid I hope you all enjoy this track Speedster Track X: https://streamable.com/yi6yal
    Truly incredible. The amount of effort and patience required to pull something like this off is unfathomable. The level of detail outside of the track area itself is also great to see and it really adds a lot to the immersion. This level of attention to detail in this model is honestly motivational for me and hopefully many other creators on this site. I hope this inspires others to put more detail in their own tracks, because it absolutely inspires me. I don't understand how you are able to keep track of everything with those ridiculous file names, but I guess it's part of the creative
  7. 492 downloads

    Another track. San Antonio 2011, you know the drill. 3 hits on the racing lanes.
  8. View File Metlife Stadium Model 2020 THIS FILE ONLY WORKS IN BLENDER 2.79 Another stadium model for you all to make some amazing tracks in. Credit goes to @maxdmanfor the lighting structure above the stadium as well as some textures This model also uses some textures from @RockCrwlr I have included a collision mesh on the second layer of this blend file, here are some instructions on how collision meshes work. COLLISION MESH DETAILS: YOU WILL WANT TO USE A COLLISION MESH ON THIS STADIUM. I HAVE INCLUDED ONE IN THE 3RD LAYER
  9. 613 downloads

    Another track. This is jersey style, the monster jam one. You start on the turning obstacles. Big ups to my guys over at the sketchup warehouse. Good.
  10. 212 downloads

    This is not an open custom, this is my big truck. This is obviously on the NAMT settings. Go into the graphics settings and check the "Render Video Cameras" box to get the backup camera to work. It's very helpful for those Dan Evans moves. That is all.
  11. I have it and it's fantastic. It's so cool to see all these high quality shows that I watched on TV over a decade ago. From what I've heard from everyone that has the membership, it's all positive. With the new content that they add based on polls and comments, the membership is honestly one of the best things that Monster Jam has ever done.
  12. 467 downloads

    First week of NAMT, woo.
  13. Name: Aaron Lurie Truck: Monster Energy Pro 4 2020 Discord: Aaron Lurie#4836 Download Link (Sim-Monsters Only): wait Truck Song (Optional): Year Debuted (Driving): 2011 Body Type: Ford Raptor Trophy Truck Hometown (OPTIONAL): Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
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