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  1. Aaron Lurie Krazy Train Aaron Lurie#4836
  2. 787 downloads

    Another collaboration between @Edyand I. Edy made the stadium model and I made the track. Have fun.
  3. Name: Aaron Lurie Discord: Aaron Lurie#4836 Truck: Black Pearl Truck Link:
    Compliments to the chef
  4. Name (First and Last): Aaron Lurie Truck: Monster Energy Pro 4 2021 Truck Link: Discord: Aaron Lurie#4836 Theme (If using a custom truck):
  5. 224 downloads

    Thank you to @Double.D ッfor painting this truck. Not an open custom.
  6. hey, ever thought about a whole playlist of Renegade? its not bad actually, its decent

    1. AaronLurie
    2. MonsterJam01


      like 3 different locations from Renegade Monster Truck Tour. from Last Year.


    3. AaronLurie


      That sounds like a lot of work 

  7. 601 downloads

    A few models came from Sketchfab, CGTrader and Turbosquid. Textures from textures.com
  8. Thank you to Devin Doss for once again painting my truck. It's pretty much there, just some smaller details to touch on.
  9. Name (First and last): Aaron Lurie Truck: Monster Energy Pro 4 2021 Discord: Aaron Lurie#4836 Theme song: Link to truck:
  10. It took 10 years, but I finally made one.
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